piektdiena, 2011. gada 18. februāris

Ice Sculptures, Jelgava.

I know I promised to put pictures of these sculptures here, but I hadn't time after I copied them to my computer, so I'll do it now. I'm one of those persons who can walk around them, taking photos of each sculpture several times xD So I'll try to find the best ones.
P.S. Better click on photos to see them in a full size, cause some of them are really good :)
Warm heartedness / Never ended pray
Author: Agnese Rudzīte (Latvia) / Author: Vytautas Musteikis (Lithuania)
2nd place in individual sculpture category
The free fall / Naked Freedom
Author: Sandis Kondrāts (Latvia) / Author: Kārlis Īle (Latvia)
1st place in individual sculpture category / 3rd place in individual sculpture category
River - horse
Authors: Svetlana Verbitskaya & Igor Korchenkov (Russia)
Call of Ancestors
Authors: Kunnej Takaseva & Dzhulus Markov (Russia)
SEB sympathy award
The Latvian Story / Freedom
Authors: Krists Zariņš & Sandis Kondrāts (Latvia) / Authors: Martin de Zoete (The Netherlands) & Agnese Rudzīte (Latvia)
1st place in team sculpture category
Jump and spin, and dive, and laugh
Authors: Darren Jackson & Mathew Foster (Greatbritain)
3rd place in team sculpture category
Spirit is freedom, and freedom is victory of the spirit
Authors: Marina Erkovich & Tatyana Kuznetsova (Russia)
2nd place in team sculpture category
Connection / Free from the head
Authors: Zsolt M. Toth & Akos Toth (Hungary) / Authors: Kārlis Īle (Latvia) & Vilius Matutis (Lithuania)
Open frequency
Author: Fergus Mulvany (Ireland)
Sculpture from SEB life insurance
Iona. The Bible Story / Freedom of choice
Author: Alexey Verbitsky (Russia) / Author: Antti Pedrozo (Finland)
Freedom is over religion
Authors: Pierre-Benoit Mesrine (France) & Inese Valtere-Ūlande (Latvia)

Hope you like them :)

5 komentāri:

  1. какая красота! нереально!

  2. Спасибо! :) Рада, что нравится))

  3. I lobe this post, its full of life and magic of art. wonderful. Stay well and have fun.

    Greeting from Bangladesh


  4. Faysal, thanks! These sculptures really are like magic, especially at night ^^


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