pirmdiena, 2011. gada 31. janvāris

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine!

Today I feel so positive finally! I really don't know why, maybe it's because today I got vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis and drugs affect me like that, or maybe because weather is really great second day in a row! It's not so warm, but it's sunny and it finally makes me to understand that spring is coming! Yeah, I don't like summer and spring, but I love sun when it's not so hot, so it's a perfect time for me!
I'm now eating truffles with raspberry filling, love them so much))
And also today I bought tickets for tomorrows KHL hockey game between Dinamo Rīga & Moscow CSKA, haven't seen hockey game at all in my life, so I finally want to attend it! Hope match will be interesting, and our team will WIN!
So, about everything else. On Saturday I went to my cousin, she had her 19th birthday on 25th of January, and we went to congratulate her. Drank a bit champagne, then me & my parents went to city centre to Čili Pica, cause I had discount coupons. We tried roasted stuffed potatoes with meat, baked meat dumplings and pancakes with ham & cheese, and I also had chicken salad. It was SO tasty that I really don't know how much I ate that day, cause I wanted to try everything xD Even on pictures everything looks tasty!
After that we went to the book shop, cause my grandma asked to buy her fibre pens. I bought her tutti frutti scented markers [I remembered how I loved them when I was just on 1st grade!], and now, before I brought them to her, I'm just spending time smelling them! xD It's funny, I know, but they're so great!
Blackberry - Strawberry - Raspberry - Orange - Lemon - Apple - Peppermint - Blueberry - Coconut - Fruit Mix
And also when I was on the bus, it was nothing to do, but there was a guy with two dogs, so I took pictures of them xD
Yeah, and some photos of our beautiful weather which I love so much! I took them from my balcony, and also yesterday I went for a walk to a lake, so took some pics there, too.
And today I also want to put here some yummy photos xD
I was making my favourite orange juice :))
Fried chicken meat :)) Ordered this when I was watching hockey on Wednesday, really tasty [not healthy, of course, but once in a year I can afford this].
Also while I was watching hockey xD I always paint bananas like that, cause it's lots of fun! I know I'm acting like a kid sometimes, but I've always been positive and I keep trying to remain so! :)
Have a nice day, people, I'll go and catch some sunlight again! ;*

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