otrdiena, 2011. gada 11. janvāris

Don't waste time on things you hate.

Hi everyone!
Maybe I should better study now, cause tomorrow I have final test in chemistry, but I simply can't force myself to do it. This is the day when you think that it's easier to die now, than go tomorrow to my faculty of biology and die there. As always, I'm leaving everything for the last moment, and now my eyes hurt, I feel sick and unable to learn anything, but I simply HAVE to. Just made some coffee with irish cream liquer, hope it helps me a bit.
So, about my life. On 5th of January I went to faculty to finish my plant anatomy laboratory works [and we ate coconut there, it was great :D] and on the next day I had biology test. Can't say it was easy [at least it's not chemistry], but somehow I got 9 :) Ahh, I would be so happy if I'd get 9 at chemistry test!
On Saturday I decided to go to Garciems, cause in summer I'll have to write a work about unvertebrates there, and my teacher told me that i'd better go there in January and see how everything looks, cause in winter `you can see through the forest`. So, I went there and it turned out that there's just snow everywhere, even beach was all covered with snow and lots of ice, so I spent almost 1,5 h to get to place where I thought Kalngale should be [there's train station, too], although there's just 2 or 3 km to go. Then I went to this forest, and there was such a lot of snow that I spent 3 hours to get out of there! I even thought I wouldn't do it, cause I never saw such big amounts of snow! Anyway, I found little insects from Boreidae family, and took some nice photos :)
Looks like Antarctica :)
Me trying if this ice won't break xD
Some little birds :)
Me in snow [imagine how it is to walk like that for 3 hours and you will understand me!]
Snow scorpionfly.
See you later if I won't die tomorrow on my chemistry exam or on Friday on physics!

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