otrdiena, 2011. gada 18. janvāris

Yay! :))

I'm glad to tell you that my session is over finally! Today I passed my last exam in English, and now I'm free till 7th of February! Three weeks of fun, parties, chill and everything else that makes me happy! The only thing is that all of my friends [not from faculty] still have some exams to pass, and part of them still goes to school and January is toughest month there, too [ahh, I remember how I hated it, and now I can just smile!]
So, about my exams :) *after this post I will shut up until June & next session or until biology exams in March, I guess* After previous post I had my exam in chemistry... God, I never saw SO hard exam in my life! We were given 10 questions each and 2 blank papers, and had to answer at least so much to use both papers! And teacher also said us to leave our bags, so we couldn't even use our books & cribs. I thought I would die there, and I also promised my friend that I'll help her, but simply had no time! At least it turned out that teacher probably was in a good mood when she was correcting our works, so she gave me 10! Lol, I was laughing like insane when I saw my mark xD
Then on Friday we had exam in Physics. I think I don't have to tell how much I hate this subject, so I couldn't force myself to learn anything, and maybe it's good that I didn't waste my time :) Friend sent me test written by medics on Thursday, and when we went to write our exam, we were given tests, where ~10 questions were exactly the same like in medics' test, and other ones were so easy that I did 21 out of 24 in a minute xD Last 3 weren't easy, but teacher, as always, didn't look at us [I think he simply don't care if we are using books, cause we are biologists], so me & my friend used books, everything I took down during lectures, and internet in my mobile phone, and we had just 1 mistake in our tests, so we'll get 9 :) After exam we went to drink champagne [my friend brought me a bottle xD], and because I hadn't eaten anything since 8 p.m. last evening and it was 12 a.m. and my friend hadn't had her breakfast, too, we got totally drunk [okay, for `totally drunk` for me a bottle of champagne isn't enough even if I don't eat anything, but we really were drunk, and you can't say that just a bit!]. We were talking about different things [about which I never told anybody, cause I didn't want to look weird, but if she told me such things, why I couldn't? xD], then went to Riga bus station, cause she had to go home to Saldus, I saw her off and went home. Hope nobody saw how I fell near my house on ice xD But I can tell that it wasn't because I was drunk, cause my mom fell at the same place at the evening and almost broke her arm!
And today I had my English exam. I didn't learn anything, just rewrote some information from my materials and read them on the bus at the morning, and again - it's good that I didn't waste time for it :) Sometimes it's rewarded if you've been at all lectures and answered all home readings and class readings, cause teacher just gave me the easiest theme to talk on, I said just a few sentences and she let me go, giving me 10 :) So I can say that session was good, I didn't expect something like that :)
And now some pics :) Last Wednesday I finally got my bio-shirt :) Every year students from 1st course have to draw their PigFish for a shirt, and then everyone vote for the best fish and buy these shirts. This year I also draw my fish, but it got only 2nd place, and maybe it's good, cause my fish was really cute, but that one which won represents our course much better :)
Text: `woods, woods, dark woods / there live white hedgehogs / they walk along paths / naked and without jackets`
And also today *or yesterday already* I finally bought Red Bull Champions edition 4-pack with Sebastian Vettel on it :) Hah, it's funny to buy it ONLY because it's Seb on it, but everyone knows that I'm a bit crazy, so it's nothing special xD
Bye, people!

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