ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 27. janvāris

...These are things none of us avoids. Suffering is the price of being alive...

Well, today I'll write a post without any photos. It's just true me - writing thoughts and complaining about life, asking everybody why it's so unfear to us.
First of all, why I started it. Today first piece of news that I read was about death of Mārtiņš Freimanis, famous latvian singer, actor and song-writer. He was only 33 years old. And he died of complications, caused by flu. I think it's not worth to describe now how many popular songs has he written, how successful was his group `Tumsa` in Latvia, how everyone loved him when he was acting in latvian serial `UgunsGrēks`, and I think many of you will remember how he with Lauris & Yana sang at Eurovision song contest in 2003 as `F.L.Y.` and a song `The War Is Not Over` sung by Valters & Kaža at Eurovision in 2005 which got 5th place and was his song, too... He was an amazing person, and even if you don't know him, it really IS sad when a person dies at only 33...
And about terrorism act at Domodedovo airport - it's again the same story. So many people with dreams & plans about future, people with families and probably in some of them - the only person about which somebody cared. Young people who had so much possibilities in their lives, older people with so many relatives loving them... So many killed... So many injured... And WHY? Because somebody, who hasn't a head, but... don't know... bag of shit on his shoulders, decided that it'd be really cool and maybe even funny! I really don't understand how a kid can grow up to such a monster, who just spits on everyone and cares about nothing? And nobody does nothing to him, cause what can you do when you meet such a person? And this situation gets worse every day, I simply can't imagine what life will be in a few years.
Condolences to everyone related to these situations.
Life is the most unfear thing around us, and it's no chance to escape.

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