otrdiena, 2011. gada 1. februāris

Tikai Rīga, tikai DINAMO!

Just returned home from hockey! It was AWESOME, unfortunately the game really wasn't interesting, all goals were scored at 1st period [two for Moscow CSKA and one for Dinamo Riga], and we lost :/ But now I really want to attend another game, hope I won't get so crazy about hockey as I am about formula 1 xD
This picture is after the game, player who is standing most close in this picture (#31) is my favourite Chris Holt ♥
And I'll go to sleep now, cause I have major headache, and tomorrow I'll have to go to my grandma... Maybe I'll also walk a little bit away from her district, cause one girl from our faculty of biology lost her dog Rock'n'roll there yesterday, and puppy hasn't returned back yet, although people saw him near his house... I'm really sorry about him & her, hope doggy will return home soon! We all believe in it!

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