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While it's not time yet to go to my Finnish courses, I'm trying to translate a crazy text about Elias Lönnrot (author of Kalevala) & decided that I must write something here :)
Two weeks ago I went to my grandma's friends house, as they have a new dog called Bella and I really wanted to see her. Spent a nice evening there, but the puppy was so crazy that I couldn't even take normal photos and was totally tired after just one evening and a football game with her :D
Isn't she cute? ^^
And last week I finally went shopping. Bought a blouse, boots & a knitted dress (that's called `I don't wear dresses` :D )
This week is a bit busy for me because of many homeworks and on Monday I'll have to tell about an article at ecology lecture in English, as its author from Sweden will arrive... Why he's not from Finland? :D Also I have to find some information for this years Biomimicry Design Challenge... I'm not in a team this year, but two girls who are don't even go to meetings.
And this Friday my friend Sandra will celebrate her 21st birthday, so it's gonna be fun. And this weekend is also a final race of this year in F1. I hope Sebastian Vettel will become a champion again (it will be three in a row for him, but still I would like it more than if Alonso becomes a champion).
And finally my this week's song. I'm totally addicted to slow ones right now. And I really love lyrics of this song.
Have a nice evening, my dear readers! ^^
P.S. I hope next week I'll have time to write about another trip to some country. So I let you to choose the country (just name it and if I was there, I'll write about it ^^).
P.P.S. The show `Precamies` I was at some time ago will be shown on TV on 29th of November. I hope it will be published online, then I'll post a link here :)

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  1. Hungary! I know close to nothing about it :D

    The puppy looks adorable! It's been a long time since I played with a puppy. T_T

    1. Ok, then I'll write about Hungary ^^ I also don't know much about it, so it will be a great chance for me too, to search interesting info on web. But it will be too hard not to talk about formula-1 white writing :D

      At least your hands are not bitten. Bella bites quite painfully. But it's impossible to be mad at her ^^


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