piektdiena, 2012. gada 30. novembris

Me on TV :D

Hey! ^^
The aim of todays post was to put here a link, where you can watch the TV show `Precamies` that I was in some time ago. Yesterday it was finally showed on TV :) For me, Linda and the rest of our friends, of course, it was so fun to watch it :D
The show you can watch here. I really don't know if it's possible to see it, if you're not from Latvia, so please let me know if it's not :) If so, I made some print-screens of this video for you:
It's Linda, Samanta and me.
I was talking something there :D
In our room :)
And I also applied for filming in a video about economics in Latvia, as they will film it in our faculty of biology :) We will have to `pass an exam` this Sunday :D
And yes - I think many countries got some snow this week ^^ It's so white around, but I guess it will melt soon... But today I took some photos :) On my balcony some grass grows, and today it was covered by ice and looked so beautiful :)
Have a nice evening and enjoy the snow ^^
P.S. I still remember about my promise to write a post about Hungary, so hopefully I'll do it this weekend :)

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  1. Wow, that balcony grass is very pretty! ^.^

    The video didn't play, there was some text, but I don't understand Latvian :D So what was the show about? Pretty Latvian girls? ^^

    1. Thank you ^^ Actually that grass looked like that for just few hours, at the evening the ice already disappeared. So I'm glad I caught a moment ^^

      The text, I guess, was about ad-blocking programs on your computer, it appears also when I'm trying to watch it, so I have to turn them off.. First the guy (Edgars) talked about his previous relationships (well, he didn't talk almost at all, just few words, he was so shy), then all three girls (including Linda) told everyone about theirs. And showed some performance - Linda played her violin, Kristīne read poetry, Madara gave Edgars a photo with cuuute cow and piggy ^^ And at the end Edgars had to choose one of girls, he chose Kristīne, as hosts adviced him to do it :)


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