trešdiena, 2012. gada 3. oktobris

October fog & little things for happiness ^^

Hey, my dear readers :)
Just returned home from Mangaļsala, and I want to show you my today's photos (and also some older). I went to Mangaļsala to see sailing ship Mir, which was supposed to leave today (it spent few days in Riga). But there was a fog at the morning, so according to webcam it's still in Riga, but I took many photos I like.
By the way, was quite a strange feeling to walk around in this fog (everything seemed so unreal and at one place there was a raven sitting on a dead tree like in some evil fairytale :D ) 
When I got to the seaside, there were many planes flying (as in Riga Airport schedule was changed because of fog). This one is AirBaltic, there were also Ryanair and Turkish Airlines planes :D
And many cute dunlins (Calidris alpina, at least I guess so) were feeding there. Quality is so bad, because they didn't let me to come closer, so I had to zoom in so much.
This crow let me to come so close to it, and it seemed like it was trying to say something :D
Still blooming :)
And few photos with the ship (I took them two days ago at port of Riga). The ship is so big that it's possible to take a photo if you stand far away from it :)
And about my little things for happiness :)
At home after the show
1. Finally I took part in Finnish language course. It was a bit expensive, but well, I'll never start learning Finnish by myself, I must at least start with something. The course is for 1st level, and I am the only one there who had at least heard this language before and knows some words. And I love our learning matherials - we had to divide into syllables the word Koskenkorva (Finnish vodka) and as examples there were a word perkele (I don't have to tell you what it means :D ) and Mika Hakkinen ^^
2. My crazy blonde friend Linda took part in Latvian TV show `Let's get married!` (like Russian "Давай поженимся!"). And I had to go with her as a friend and tell what boyfriend she would like. In November it will be showed on TV :D Was fun (even though I don't like TV shows) and I really loved my make up. Nothing special and colorful, but looked good.
3. On Monday I was at classical music concert :D Linda (again) was a host and told about all participants. It was so much not my kind of music, but at least once in my life I must see something like that, too :D
Have a nice Wednesday! I guess I must do my Finnish homeworks :)


  1. Рита, чудесные фотографии!!! особенно с божьей коровкой!
    Очень бы хотелось посмотреть, кого ты там насоветовала подруге и onneksi olkoon на твоих финских курсах) здорово, что пошла)

    1. Спасибо! :) Сегодня природа была очень красивой, мир казался таким нереальным.
      Мы там всю передачу в своей комнате всех обсуждали (как потом оказалось, мы единственные хоть что-то там говорили), надеюсь, это тоже покажут. Может, в интернете будет потом эта передача :)
      Я уже года три собиралась на эти курсы, наконец-то собралась))

  2. The crow was saying "Feed me!!" :D

    The fog photos look like England. I guess it's a stereotype about England but I can't help it :D Really beautiful shots. Maybe you should add a link to this post to Our World? I sometimes link to my blogs there. We should keep promoting our countries ;)

    So, should I comment in Finnish now? ;) Good luck with the great language suomi! ^^ Though please don't use Koskenkorva to help with studies :DDD

    1. Maybe :D I shared my cookies with it :D

      Thanks for the link, I added my post there. Latvia also has to be promoted :)

      Well, you can comment also in Finnish, hope I will understand at least few words. I won't use Koskenkorva, that's for sure :D

    2. Did your mother ask you to learn 5 sentences again? ^^

    3. No, she didn't :D I will have an exam at the end to get a certificate that I have 1st level, so she knows I will have to learn much more :)

  3. beautiful photos! the foggy ones are indeed spectacular, and the otehr prove that even if the weather is not perfect, one can find fun things to do in autumn :))!

    1. Thank you! :)
      Autumn is a perfect time of year, it's always so much to do then. And the fog was really amazing that day, never saw something like that :)

  4. Paldies par skaistām rudensbildem. Cik jauki redzēr tēvzemes ainavas mūsu pavasarī Austrālijā.

    Es ļoti priecātos ja jūs regulāri rādītu ne vis Latvijas skatus OUR WORLD vien, bet arī Latvijas putnus iekš World Bird Wednesday (

    Vai tā tiešam ir vārna? Cik atceros no tālās bērnības, man tā izskatās pec žagatas.

    1. Ļoti priecājos, ka patika, ir jauki sagādāt cilvēkiem prieku!

      Paldies par uzaicinājumu, kad būs jaunas putnu bildes, noteikti iegriezīšos šajā blogā!

      Tā tiešām ir vārna, žagata ir mazāka, ar garu asti un baltu vēderu un sāniņiem. Bet šie putni ir radniecīgi, tā kā samērā līdzīgi :)


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