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Party, Candle Night & Elephants

Heey! ^^
I decided to write this post to show you some photos :) Today I finally told this presentation to the teacher from Sweden, and again I realised how much I don't like talking in English :D But I hope it was ok.
On Friday my friend Sandra celebrated her birthday (which she will have on 28th of November). We went to folk club `Ala` (or `Cave` in English) again (I think I could live there) and spent a nice evening :)
Sandra's home-made cake
Me, Sandra and Evita
And yesterday, as it was a Candle Night (I wrote about it here also in 2010), I went to graveyard. I guess, you already know that I'm a bit weird girl, but one more thing I really love is walking at a graveyard. It's such a peaceful feeling there, fresh air... Yesterday there also was a fog, so everything looked like from a bit scary fairytale ^^
And about elephants. More than a week ago in Riga five elephants, who arrived for a show to Riga circus, were walked around streets. I didn't read about this event earlier and went shopping that day, so just at the evening I found out about them... I wish I was there, as I love elephants so much! One of my first childhood memories is related to elephants - when I went to the zoo and our two elephants were inside, it was possible to reach them. I always took apples to the zoo and gave them to elephants, they took it with their wet trunks... So cute!
Picture from delfi.lv. If you want to see more pictures, click here.
And yes - yesterday Sebastian Vettel became three times World Champion in F1 ^^ The race was really crazy, sometimes I didn't even understand, what's actually happening, but I love races like these ^^ Also Raikkonen did a funny mistake - he wanted to return back on track, using some other way (he did it so in 2001 already), but this time the gates were closed :D
And a team radio from Abu Dhabi. `Just leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!` Kimi is a legend! I'm so glad to be his fan ^^
Have a nice evening! ^^

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  1. Wow, the graveyard photos look so mesmerizing! And it's like the colours of Imaginaerum ^^ I saw the movie yesterday, will write a post soon ^^

    1. The colours really bring the atmosphere of Imaginaerum ^^

      Lucky you! The movie was amazing, I guess ^^ I wish sometimes it will be possible to get it somewhere... It would be too crazy to go to Finland just to see a movie :D

    2. Ah, so there is a limit to your craziness ^^

    3. It's actually not a limit to craziness :D It's more about money - paying about 100 euro to watch one movie is a bit too much. It must be available somewhere later :)


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