piektdiena, 2012. gada 2. novembris

Heeey! :)
I just understood that if I'm not taking photos, I'm not writing here at all for weeks, even if I have some time. Maybe I should show you some old photos, for example, from another countries which I have visited some years ago? By the way, I just also understood that in last 4 years I've been only in Finland and Sweden (even though I have a chance to go somewhere else) :D
But in this post I wanted to show you my todays drawing. I was trying to remember the times I really could draw many things (maybe I had more time then, but now I don't draw at all).
It's Kimi Raikkonen, of course ^^
I think now I can only draw racing cars (and just if I have a picture in front of me). But still drawing the front of the car & front wing makes me crazy.
Have fun and take care! ^^

3 komentāri:

  1. You work better with pencils than I do ^.^ *jealous*

    It'd be cool if you posted photos of other countries too! Such a travel blog it would be ^^

    1. At least you can draw people and many other things, using you imagination :) I tried to draw people for my Finnish courses and understood that I really can draw just race cars, horses & dogs :D

      Then I have ideas for many posts from many countries for long winter evenings ^^ *I hope I will remember these trips, as they were such a long time ago :D *

    2. I used to draw horses nicely, but with too little practice I lost it. Now my horses are childish :D

      I have so many photos from Moscow that I plan to post at Forest Lair :) Enough for many winters.


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