ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 1. septembris

Hello, September! ♥

My timeline of blogs I follow here is full of posts about end of August and beginning of a new school year. And I can't say they're positive :D But I feel so nice today - first time in many many years (12 years of school & 2 years of university) I really waiting for new study year to begin (although I had almost no summer this year) ^.^
My lecture list (coloured lectures are those I have to visit) :) Biochemistry on Mondays (I think I gonna hate it :D ), general ecology, plant anatomy & human and animal physiology on Tuesdays, physiology also on Wednesdays (and German at 16:30 - 19:45 in addition), biochemistry & typology of soil and vegetation of Latvia on Thursdays, genetics and evolution on Fridays.
And this was my first 1st September, when I hadn't go anywhere (studies begin only on 05.09), so I'm finishing my herbarium, reading Bulgakov's `The Master and Margarita` and watching formula 1 (best moments of races in 2009 & 2010) again :) BTW, I'll take photos & show you my herbarium in a next post :)
But now another photos :) On 21st of August my best friend Linda had a name day, so we celebrated a bit and then went to Rīgas svētki (810 years birthday of Riga city). Fireworks were really nice, I loved it so much :)

On 24th of August I went mushrooming :) There were many people in this forest, but I collected enough mushrooms for a tasty sauce ^.^
I'm taking photos not only of mushrooms :)
This is a very strange mushroom, I saw it many times before, but still don't know its name :)
Yummy ^.^
This Monday I went to a forest with my teacher again (to finish all field works for my course work), and we collected some mushrooms again :) I like them so much ^.^
And few days ago I painted my nails again, this time - as strawberries ^.^ Don't know what's up with me now, but they look so cute :)
How are you feeling about 1st of September? :)

6 komentāri:

  1. Грибочки выглядят очень аппетитно, а ногти - забавно!

  2. Ah, a frog! Loooove them ^_^

    Maybe that mushroom is ill? ^^ Or it's some kind of anti-Amanita muscaria :)

  3. Frogs are really cute :)
    And I just found the name of this mushroom - it's called Hydnellum peckii (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydnellum_peckii) :)

  4. Maybe :D Even its common names (like Devil's tooth) are strange, so it's definitely not a normal mushroom :D


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