pirmdiena, 2011. gada 26. septembris

A bit about music ^^

I'm now listening to songs from Amorphis new album, and I want to their concert more than ever ^^ And also I want to sleep very much, as I slept only 4 hours this nights :D But who cares, today is a nice day.
Last Friday I visited an event called `Students Paradise` - there were different concerts and stuff like that, it happens every year and loads of students come there to celebrate beginning of a new school year. I can't tell I liked it very much, but was ok. And a group Musiqq sang there again, I think I've been to at least six their concerts (although I don't like them) only because of my friends :D
Took a photo, really large croud :D
And a video of Musiqq singing `Angel in Disguise`, it's not from this concert, but from previous one, and taken with my mobile phone, so the quality isn't good at all. And also I found in my phone a video from Baltic Beach Party 2010, when I recorded The Rasmus singing `Sail Away` (Lauri is amazing, isn't he?). Since that day I listened to all their albums and they're one of my favourite groups :D So, both videos:
And a bit another photos :) On Thursday on a lecture about typology of soil & vegetation we went out again, this time - to an island of Zaķusala (Rabbit island).
This is our TV tower :)
And my nails this week - watermelons ^^
Finally, as I was talking about The Rasmus, two great songs. Video for `Sail Away` was filmed in Latvia, by the way. And in `October and April` like two parts of my soul are described *I'm ending up with some philosophy again*. Enjoy ^^

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  1. I think I'd melt if Janne Da Arc or you-san made a video in Moscow or Finland coz I looove them ^.^ I'd walk in the place they'd choose and think "oh my god they were here, they touched this stone or plant!!!" :-)))

  2. I actually didn't knew before BBP that they made this video in Latvia :) Lauri told it before singing this song, and I was really surprised (and pleased that I live in this country) ^^


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