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I'm just totally in love with freedom.

If you asked me what's my favourite book, I would think a bit, because I like many books, for example, Jules Vernes `Mysterious Island`, James Hadley Chase `Figure It Our For Yourself`, Stephen King `Pet Sematary` or Mikhail Bulgakov `The Master and Margarita`. But I would had an answer. It's definitely Jack London `The Call Of The Wild`. I remember like yesterday, that I was approximately 3 years old, sat on the floor in a living room, and my grandma read me this book. This book was really old and was written in an old Russian (I remember that male nouns were with the letter `ъ` at their endings, but also other words were a bit weird), so I couldn't understand everything even when I learned to read, but I asked my grandma to read me this book very often. Then I just liked that it was about a dog. Later I read it in English (also many other books of Jack London, he's an amazing writer), and now I love it, because, in my opinion, it's about freedom. About freedom and love.
There are three kinds of people, if talking about love, in my opinion. First ones live their lives without any idea what the love is. Those, who hadn't sunny childhood, and therefore they don't feel like part of this world and people around. The others know what love is, and they can live all life with their beloved person. And there are people (and I'm definitely one of them) who understood true meaning of the love, but can't accept the fact that they will be together with one person for the rest of their life. And they can't accept that they will never be free again, this freedom means much more to them than love, it calls them, away from everything common at least for a while. It makes them understand, how wonderful it is to live without any rules, like they want, not somebody else. Of course, leave everything and follow this call can only few of them. But when these invisible links tear, the border between an individual and freedom falls, and it's possible to get free forever. Like main hero Buck did it.
But if you asked me what's my favourite movie, I could think for an hours and still don't have an answer. Until yesterday. But now I have a movie which I like very much, and it's called `Into The Wild`. A movie about a guy who, after graduating from university, leaves everything and goes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. I don't know any movie which is so close to my inner being. I don't have so much courage to leave everything and enjoy freedom like main hero of this movie did (and it's based on real story), but it's the thing that I want the most somewhere deep in my heart. Of course, movie doesn't end well, showing what can happen if you don't think about future and just follow your crazy dreams. But maybe it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
If you've seen this movie or read this book, please let me know what you think about it :) Or tell me about your favourite books / movies :)
P.S. I'm always in that `thinking about life mood` at nights, and now it's 1 a.m., so this post is a bit depressive :)

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  1. One of places I want to visit is Lapland far beyond the polar circle. I think it's very peaceful and quiet there, in tundra.

    Have you visited Nuuksio in Espoo? It's quite popular but you still can enjoy yourself in the wild :)

    I read the book, but pretty long ago, and I'm not familiar with the movie. My favourite movie of all time is Chinese "Hero", it's super beautiful, poetic, with awesome music and fights ^^ And I love actors there (though it's probably because I have a crush on Asian looks ^^).

  2. To visit Lapland is part of my `must do` list ^^ I also haven't visited Nuuksio, in Finland I've been only in Helsinki & Turku, so there's so much else to see there ^^

    I haven't seen this movie, but I also like some Asian movies because of music & fights, maybe I'll find time to see this one :)

  3. Hello Icegirl,

    probably you will not read this anymore, since it's so long ago.

    I'll try anyway.

    'Into to the wild' made a big impression on me too
    (the movie, I haven't read the book).

    I enjoyed the road movie like aspects the most.
    All the different places and people he met on his odyssey,
    from the Mid West to the Salton Lake.

    The lonely end in the "Magic Bus" on the other hand got me rather depressed.

    Chris McCandless realized it himself when carving the following words in wood:

    “Happiness only real when shared.”

    I also love the soundtrack by Pearl Jams' Eddie Vedder, a hero of my generation.

    Other movies I like ? Too many to write them down, but this one will always be on my list:

    "Take care of your scarf, Tatjana" (Aki Kaurismäki 1994)

    It's a finnish road and also love movie.
    Low keyed (not much talking, I like that), a bit surreal and funny.

    Take care,
    Andy from Germany

    1. It's so nice that you also like this movie :))
      And thank you for the name of the movie, I guess, I will watch it when I will have some time. I love Finland too much, so I think I will also like it ^^


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