otrdiena, 2011. gada 16. augusts

Money can't buy happiness. But it can buy you weed! :P

Just found this funny quotation [some time ago I used it in my another personal blog] and put it as a heading of this post :D I'm now watching Битва экстрасенсов 11th season [our local TV chanel is showing just 10th season now] :D Just copied old photos from my mobile phone to computer and wanted to show you some of them. Random moments - like my view on different things & people [who don't know that I'm taking photos] :) *sorry for the quality*
Some time ago I was in the cinema with my friends, to a movie `Water for Elephants`, and nobody else was there, we were just in an empty room :D
Cute doggy in our local shop :)
One of the evenings at Kolka :) Fire & singing ^.^
Chilling at the beach ^.^
Laboratory works at Kolka :)
One of the tests at Kolka :D Teacher just went out and told us that we can do whatever we want :D
Fantastic book in Finnish for identifying insects at Kolka :D There were no books in Latvian or Russian, only one book in English and one in German [they were always taken, so it was no chance to get them], so I had to read this one :D Was really funny to read it, for me it's hard to understand even simple texts, not talking about scientific words, but when I read something loudly or translated even few words to other people, they were like `how do you understand this?` :D
My good friends Gerda & Žanete taking pics of each other in Čili pica :)
And two other photos :)
This one I like very much - it's last Friday in a bar `Prieks` [or `Joy` in English :D ] with Gerda :) Was very great night, I was dancing like crazy for 4 hours :D
And today, as it was nothing to do, I tried to do French manicure :D Sorry for the quality of this photo, as my camera is now in Turkey, but I really like my nails, even though I tried this for the first time [I always use just one colour and do it really rare] :)
Have a nice day! ;*

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  1. "Laboratory works" - looks like creatures from Alien or something like that :DD A little creepy if it suddenly jumps on you, right? ^^

    I have a book about Finnish nature in Finnish, when I see someone/something I don't know, this book is my only guide ^.^

  2. These creatures are really weird :D We used to buy fish at local market some time ago, and these creatures were there very often together with fish - but they were always dead :) I'm glad they didn't jump on me :D

    Books about nature are great, but only if you understand them :D This one had pictures, but without description it was still impossible to identify insects :)


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