pirmdiena, 2011. gada 12. septembris

You can only come to the morning through the shadows.

Hello! :)
It's only 11 a.m., and I'm already home and writing a new post in this blog, as until 3rd of October I have only one lecture at Mondays :) It's biochemistry, and this Thursday we already have a test about proteins, we have to learn all amino acids (they're 20) and their chemical formulas, and so many more. Anyway, I know I'll do it, this year I've decided to stop wasting time and stop doing almost nothing for university :)
This weekend was simply terrible. Although weather was good, I was half-ill and had a massive headache for two days non-stop, and couldn't enjoy it. So I was just watching formula-1 in Italy, Sebastian Vettel won qualifying and the race again - and in the next race in Singapore he can become twice world champion :) But I'd rather prefer that he does it in Japan two weeks later :)
And now few photos :) Last week I was at my grandmothers garden, this year we have so many apples that it's impossible to collect them all at once, so I'm going there every week. This time I also had to remove all cannabis plants, that started to grew there :D They were so big :D
Autumn crocus flowers :)
And also some photos on my way to the garden (I'm going there by my bike)
And this one is view through my window yesterday evening :)
Now I'll finally have a normal breakfast, and then I plan to write one more quick post here, and after that start to write race reviews about F1 Belgian and Italian GP in my another blog :)
See you! ;*

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