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My beloved country ♥

Hello everyone! :)
As I've finally returned home and copied all photos to my computer, I can start writing new posts in my blog :) Actually, I'm not in a mood now, after Kolka I have some kind of depression [I want to return to nature, sea, playing volleyball & all those fantastic people], so to change it my first post will be about Finland ♥ I was in Helsinki on 23/24 July, these were two AWESOME days of my life :) I went there, cause I found out that Red Bull will organize a street show [Red Bull Show Run], and there will be Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastien Loeb.
How could I miss a chance of seeing my favourite F1 & rally driver ever, person, who I adore since 2001? I finished all my works at Kolka faster, persuaded my groupmates to answer practice work earlier than other groups, went to Riga, bought tickets [I was running around like crazy that day] and at the evening went to Tallinn with my mom :)
Arrived there at 6 a.m. and went around the city. Tallinn is very beautiful, especially its old part, I was there in winter, too, but in summer I enjoyed it much more :)
Beautiful view ^.^
Shrek, lol :D
After this short walk around, we went to our ferry and after few hours already were at Helsinki ^.^ Mom really wanted to know why I adore Finland so much and first things she saw in Helsinki weren't as good as she imagined [of course, as we were at ferry terminal], so we went to hotel [btw, it was very difficult to get a room somewhere, as everything was full] and then I took her to an `excursion` around the city :D Lol, we were walking around for such a long time that my mom couldn't walk at the end :D Also on this day was F1 qualifying, and there was a replay at 1 a.m., I wanted to see it, but didn't hear my alarm clock [I always hear it and also I always wake up when it's F1 at any time without any clock], it just explains how tired I was :D
Photos from that day:
On the ferry :) Crazy seagulls :)
Beautiful flowers :)
Sibelius monument
Love this view :)
On the next day we went to see strawberry monument and also monument to the elk :D
And then we went to this Red Bull show, took many photos, then went to tha place where many people were standing and waited there. And finally Kimi Raikkonen arrived ^.^ To be honest, I was feeling like a little girl who just got her dream present, lol :D I was feeling like this also when I went to F1 race in Hungary in 2009, but this time it was so much better :) Kimi was standing for two hours there [except moments when he was driving around in his rally car], also there was Sebastian Loeb. I never saw Raikkonen in such a great mood as this day - he was smiling, talking to journalists [although his interviews always are really short] and finally went to fans to sign stuff for them ^.^ I was the first one who he went to ^.^ It's such a great feeling when your dream for ten years comes true :)
Raikkonen's last year car
Cute Red Bull car :)
Sebastien Loeb :)
Me & Kimi Raikkonen :)
Kimi ^.^
Kimi & Seb :)
Kimi's signature ^.^
After this show we went around the city again, bought food & beer and went back to the ferry :)
Beautiful sunset ^.^
I'll end this post now, it's very long, but I can talk about Finland & show photos forever :)
Hope you liked these photos :)
See you later! ;*

4 komentāri:

  1. Ah, seeing someone you fangirl about so close must be awesome ^^ I can so relate.

    I'm glad you had a great time ^.^

    By the way, while you were gone, I started a personal blog - there's a bit of Finland there too, and animals :) And fangirling O:-)
    Feel free to come ^_^

  2. It's so amazing when the dreams come true))) happy for you)))
    And i will tell you a sectet) I love old Tallin even more then Helsinki) of course they are different and difficult to compare, but old Tallin is so cosy ans homy)))

  3. Katja, great blog, thanks for invitation ^.^

    Ksu, I actually like Old Tallinn more, too :) I have also Old Riga to compare with it, I think they are more similar than Tallinn & Helsinki, but Tallinn is still better) But Finland still remains my dream country ^.^

  4. You're welcome ^_^

    I haven't been in Tallinn yet, but I plan to. Seems everyone likes it ^.^


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