pirmdiena, 2011. gada 15. augusts

Today is a perfect weather outside, but I'm sitting home again, listening to Nightwish [videos from concert `End Of An Era` - they're sooo great, I wish Tarja was still singing with them].
As always, I'm starting this post with complaining about life. I really wanted to go to Rovaniemi in August with my best friend, but she will have to pay for university, so she has no money to drive somewhere. And my parents will go to Turkey tomorrow. So I will be alone here, thinking about life again. Hate that moments.
Anyway, main idea of this post was to show photos from Kolka, as I promised.
It was third week in Kolka, we had hydrobiology, so we were catching fish ^.^
And then we had to measure every fish and count them :)
This is our Sea God, I like his feet, they're real :D
On 13th July, when I had name day, we had to go to the forest and dig a hole there :D We had four groups, and in our group me & Anžela were digging, and we finished first, even faster then groups where guys were digging, lol :D
After lectures we had to go to different places, catch insects there, measure trees and other stuff like this, to write our works [also in groups]. In this photo is our meadow :)
And one day we went to Bažu marsh - in 1992 there was a massive fire, everything burned down, and now there's a nature reserve, where nobody can walk around without special permissions. We got these permissions, of course, and had an excursion there - we had to walk 25 km :)
There we found Coronella austriaca - third snake species in Latvia, it's quite rare.
This is the marsh :)
We also ate cloudberries there ^.^
Also common sundew were growing there, never saw them in nature before :)
After excursion with Zane & Sandra :)
At the seaside, we had to walk 11 km home :D
And on the next day we also had an excursion, wasn't so interesting, but we caught viper :D
And we also saw cormorant at the seaside :)
Also one day there was a massive thunderstorm, and few of us went to the seaside to see it - I never saw something like this in my life :) This photo is taken at 0:26, but it's so light like it is a day :)
Photos from 5th and 6th week at Kolka I'll show in next post few days later :)

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  1. Wow, snakes are beautiful! And the last picture - makes me think of Solaris by Stanisław Lem.

  2. At Kolka we had a fantastic chance to see all 3 snake species of Latvia in one place ^.^ Of course, I liked snakes before, but since Kolka I like them much more than ever :)

  3. Very nice post i was searching info about grass snake, my husband found one today at the river side! very nice your blog full of nature information, and you like F1!!! awesome i think is very weird in Latvia :) Im colombian girl married with latvian boy living in Aizkraukle hehe I also love snakes! :D

    1. Thank you very much! :)
      It is a bit weird here, but who cares ^^ And the world is so small, as it turns out!

    2. Hahaha yes, i also love F1 so i know how it is :) Usually in my blog i was writting about the races and the seasons for sometime but in spanish, im 25 but i start to watch in 2001 when it was our colombian driver JPM, (now we have Maldonado from Venezuela my another country) after he left im kimi fan and sebastian as well :) btw great your picture with kimi and his signature!!! I went in 2009 to Monza GP, was asewome!

    3. I saw you blog, I just don't understand Spanish :) I also have another blog, where I used to write comments about every race in Russian (since 2008), but now I have no time for it. Well, I can say I'm watching F1 since Spain 1992 (one of our TV channels started to show it then, and my Dad watched it), but seriously (not missing a race) since Monaco 1997 ^^
      Thank you! :) Monza is great circuit, and Raikko was 3rd then, as I remember. It's no wonder it was awesome! ^^


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