sestdiena, 2011. gada 4. jūnijs

You can steal my dreams, but you can't steal my memories...

Hi! ;*
It's over midnight and I want to sleep so much, but I still decided to write this post. Today is the last day for me at university as a 1st course student ^.^ Of course, there will be session, but it's something completely different. It's unreal, how fast time flies actually! At school, one year seemed to last forever, here one year passed like one day. And I don't care that it was so hard sometimes that I didn't know what to do and simply wanted to start crying, I don't care about some bad marks which I got, don’t care about hours spent on translating loads of English texts, learning minerals & rocks, don’t care about anything. My course is fantastic and that’s the point. Even our Earth science teacher told us today that we are much better than 1st course students at their faculty :D Can’t wait for this summer – we will go to Kolka for a month, it will also be hard to live in a house without normal water & beds, to write different works and to have tests every day, but with awesome people it also will be awesome. At least I hope so.
And some photos for today. Took them while waiting consultation at Earth science for two hours :)
Monument of Freedom
Rododendrons [like symbol of University of Latvia]
My faculty of biology
City canal
Goodnight everyone! :))

5 komentāri:

  1. although it was difficult, the main thing is thta you like it and enjoy it) it's more important, isn't it?))))

  2. It seems there's someone flying above flowers in the last picture ^^

    And that arbor looks so Asian. Is it?

  3. Ksu, it really is the most important thing :)

    Ekaterina Trayt, there were lots of flies around :) And about that arbor - just found this at the internet:
    `К 800-летию Риги на правом берегу канала появилась еще одна беседка. Ее построили мастера из китайской провинции Суджоу. Вокруг беседки были посажены растения, характерные для садов Китая.` ( )
    At least I will know what it is :D *I think I know about Riga even less than some tourists :D *

  4. Who would have thought, little China in Riga.. Ah, now I want such arbor in my dream garden ^^

    P.S. Call me Katja :)


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