piektdiena, 2011. gada 10. jūnijs


Hi! :)
Today just a quick post, cause I just want to share my happiness :) Today I passed my exam at maths, yay! Well, I had to do just one task, as in all 7 `tests` I had 10, but there were so many themes to learn... I got a task which I maybe could do, but I changed it with a girl in front of me [she got system of equations with matrices and couldn't do anything], so it was just easy school algebra, like multiplication 2*1*3 :D So I got 10 in maths ^.^
And today I also got my ecology & Earth science marks, both of them are 9 ^.^ A nightmare with Earth science ended sooo positive :)
And some photos *with nature, as always*
On this one are two seagulls and their 3 babies ^.^ Not a good photo, cause my camera isn't good, but you can see them, these little seagulls are so cute ^.^
And here I tried to learn Earth science near the lake ^.^
And this is yesterday, that's how I was preparing for maths exam, lol :D
Have a nice day, I will watch F1 friday practice 1 in Canada *again* ^.^

3 komentāri:

  1. I never saw seagull's babies on a roof before ^^ only amidst stones.

  2. Katja, here they always live on roofs or abandoned buildings, there are no other places for these cute birds...

    [E♥katerina], спасибо!))


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