otrdiena, 2011. gada 28. jūnijs

Happy summer ^.^

Hello, everyone! :)
I'm glad to tell you that I'm now at Kolka with all my biologists, we are having a wonderful time & I will stay here for at least a month :) Weather is amazing, no clouds at all, it's hot and my back is already red from this sun, as we have lectures outside & also today we were swimming and chilling at the beach :)
Yesterday all day was free, today we had two lectures and an excursion at dry forests, tomorrow we will wake up at 4 a.m. and go to watch birds :D And also starting from tomorrow we will have tests every day, but everything will be good, I'm sure :)
As I'm getting internet from my friend & I don't want to reach limit, I'll post photos & text in Latvian at tumblr, if you are interested, you can translate it [but main things I also write here, so it's no need to read it].
There are two photos with our room, we have 6 beds there [I just didn't want to take photos of just beds without anything else]. First one [with deer] is Alina's bed & door with a funny boot [Baiba's bed is near, so if somebody hits the door, she will probably be hit by this boot, lol :D]. Second one is my [on the right] & Sandra's [on the left] bed :D Nice wall paintings, I'll also paint something like that when I'll have time :D
The only thing is that we have many insects there, and their bites are really painful, mosquitoes never hurt so much as here! :D And I also got a tick today, great.
Have a nice day, I have to learn 22 plants & their Latin names this evening :) Love you all! ;*

3 komentāri:

  1. Studying in the wild - oh, it does sound interesting ^^

  2. absolutely agree with Ekaterina - it's amazing experience I hope) enjoy your time))) inspite mosquitoes))))

  3. It is very interesting, and it's not even hard to write tests every day, because it's so nice to learn in nature, on the beach or to collect plants :) Seems like it's vacation, not studying ^.^


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