pirmdiena, 2011. gada 20. jūnijs

Last week in photos ♥

Last week was so great for me :) Maybe I will not write much today, just put here photos and comment them :)
First of all, photos from my best friend's Linda school graduation :)
Linda playing her violin :)
Her class
Samanta, Linda, me, Krista
Evita's graduation at the same school, just another class
My flowers :)
Before going home
`Afterparty` at Linda's home - me, Maija, Oksana, Linda
Oksana, Maija, me, Annija, Krista, Samanta, Linda
Maija, Oksana, me, Linda, Mārtiņš
Me & my best friend for 19 years ♥
Friday night I also was out with my friends :) It was so fun, we were dancing in a park [as always] & singing weird songs [everything is captured on my camera, but these videos are not for posting in the internet, lol :D ] till 6 a.m., people definitely thought that we were completely drunk, but we were not :D Just two photos this time, as all others are without me :)
Me & Evija
5 a.m. :D This car behind me is a police :D
And on Saturday I went to my cousin's graduation :) She's going in a Russian school, so there were many songs about finishing school & I almost started to cry, as I understand that I will never go to school again, that I'm 19 and I still haven't reached in my life something that I'm proud of and that I want...
Me near her school :D
Poster that her class made, my cousin is at the bottom on the right.
My both cousins Svetlana & Diana, their mom and me :)
Me, my cousin, my dad & cousin's mom [dad's sister] :)
Me & Diana, also best friends until we both were 15 :)
And yesterday I was in the forest with my teacher & my friend again, we collected insects that we caught :)
This wasn't the worst place where we had to go through :D
Butterfly :)
Me :D
Was a good day, we found a snail that is a species of 0 category in Red Data Book of Latvia & also protected in all Europe, and a butterfly that is also protected in Europe [I just don't know their English names]. And I also found black viper, when I saw just its tail I thought that it was a grass snake, and it was good that I wasn't trying to catch it before I saw that it hasn't yellow spots on its head :D And also there were so many mosquitoes, I have 17 bites just on one hand, so its red and swollen, lol :D
Yeah, and also I found out, that on July 24th Raikkonen & Loeb will be in Helsinki, showing everything they can with their cars ^.^ Ahh, I want there so much, but the only chance is to answer my field practice work at Kolka on 23.07 at the morning, and then driving like crazy [if there will be a bus] to Riga, to congratulate my friend on her 20th birthday, and then driving like crazy to bus station to get to Tallinn, then by ferry to Helsinki and hopefully at 10 a.m. I will be there... Any chance? 
Hope that you enjoyed this post & photos :)
Have a nice day, I'll prepare something for Kolka - next week on Monday at this time I will already be there ^.^

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