trešdiena, 2011. gada 15. jūnijs

A life without love is like a year without summer ♥

Today I finally passed my last exam :) On Monday I had anatomy, so had to learn more than 100 pages in my book about all organ systems... It was so hard to read it, I was like crazy all day before it [not because of anatomy, just some kind of depression affected me so much], but I got +/- easy theme on my exam and got 7+, so final mark for me is 9 ^.^ And today I had exam in English, wasn't preparing at all, just had to translate text about animals & talk about it, and then tell a bit about safeguarding biodiversity :) So, another 10 at English, and my summer finally can begin ^.^ Well, relaxing won't last long, as I will have to go to the forest with my teacher again this weekend and collect all insects that we caught, and on 27.06 we are going to Kolka, but at least I will have some time to sleep ^.^ Yeah, and tomorrow is my best friends' graduation :)
And some photos :) In my recent posts there is like a tradition to put photos with flowers :D So, another one - the most beautiful flower at my house, I'm always taking photos of it when it's flowering ^.^
And this last photo is a view from my window ^.^
BTW, I hope that in Kolka we will have internet [I'll take my notebook with me, but I don't know how there will be with electricity], then I'll try to update my blog :)
And also more pics coming from tomorrow & from this weekend & also from Līgo celebration on 23/24 of June ^.^
That's my favourite song this week [and also one of my favourite ever] ^.^  Ahh, I love Nightwish so much, but I live in such a `great` country, that nobody go here for a concert...
Hope you feel positive today :) Bye for now! :)

3 komentāri:

  1. congratulations on your last exams) now you can enjoy the summer)))

  2. Nightwiiiiiiiiish ^____^ Sorry, fangirling detected.

  3. Ksu, thanks))
    Katja, they really are amazing ^.^ No need to say sorry, I'm acting the same :D


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