otrdiena, 2011. gada 5. aprīlis

Heeey! :)

Today I feel sooo positive & great, seems like spring affects me positive finally [it's so unusual to me xD]. And I'm now watching my favourite show Fear Factor, I'm really sorry that it ended in 2005 and there are no new series, cause these old I already almost know by heart :D
First of all, pics from today's laboratory works in biology with animals, this was my favourite ^.^ I want him at home, but my mom will kill me for that!
Also on Saturday I went to Garciems again, but as a crazy girl I couldn't simply walk around, so had to climb everywhere I could xD
Also there were so much different birds, unfortunately it was foggy, so I couldn't see them... And it was really wet, but warm :)
And also on Sunday I went shopping again :) Bought everything I wanted, great feeling of satisfaction ^.^
Jeans, Bershka & shorts, Zara
Spring boots
Jacket, Reserved (it looks strange in pic, cause I used flash, it's better in reality)
Bag, Pull&Bear
Also bought black nail polish, maybe I'll show it later :)
And now I'll finally go to watch Fear Factor & also tonight will be UEFA Champions League game between Inter and Schalke, hope Germans will win, cause last time Bayern lost to Inter :/
Bye for now and have a nice day! ;*

7 komentāri:

  1. Was it centipied? Looks scary)
    I liked a lot photo with willow)

  2. Yes, it's Cylinroiulus caeruleocinctus in Latin :) It just looks scary, actually it's really cute ^.^

  3. Aaah,many-legged-guy! That's how we call them in our family :) They *smaller versions* visit our apartment sometimes, so we pick them and carry outside. But they keep coming back ^^

  4. These `smaller versions` also are cute :) Some of them look the same as this big one, really nice :)

  5. But why they keep coming to our home? ^^ What is attractive for them there? I see them curled in flowerbeds and under bushes sometimes, but what could be yummy or interesting in our boring human house? ^^

  6. I have no idea :D I saw them just in forest and never in the house :)
    But there are many insects that live in human houses, so there is something attractive for them, humans just don't understand what exactly :)

  7. Ah, I see ^^ I thought they were just lost, lol


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