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Today is wonderful weather ^.^

Heey everyone! :) I'm here finally... This week is like a hell - so much to do and not so much time for all these things... And the worst thing is that I can't just forget about it, don't go to university; I simply have to do all this. Not a positive beginning for a post, so I'll try to stop complaining about everything ^.^
Last time I wrote here at the beginning of March... I'm really lazy, sorry for this :)
At 4th of March I went to my best friend's badge evening at school... It's a tradition in our country, like a last time when everyone's still together, without thinking about exams and like enjoying last days as a free & hopeful child... It was so great, for the first time since I finished school, I wanted to come back! There were lots of songs, shows, movies and so on, everything full with emotions... So, a photo:
From the left: me, a girl which name I forgot [she's Linda's friend, not mine], Linda and Krista.
Then on 19th of March my Mum had her birtday, so we went to my grandma's flat & celebrated there a bit :)
It was like: `F*ck, cake is burning!` xD Me & Linda tried to light 46 candles, and we dropped burning match on a paper under a cake, so it started to burn xD Was funny, fortunately we managed to put out fire :D
My Mummy with a cake ;*
With bottles of champagne & Moka, I can't do without them xD
And also a pic when I was trying to take photo of a seagull, cause they're flying around my house & I live on the last floor, so it's a perfect view :)
Imagine if you could do like that...
So, about my studies now :) Actually, I'm now half ill, so I'm not really enjoying everything (and we have tests everywhere!), but last two weeks were interesting :) First of all, because of biology laboratory works :)
Two weeks ago we had a work about assessment of human's somatic functions - we were told about fat, and then had to measure our pulse, blood pressure, waist & hips girth, weight, height and fat-fold thickness xD So, my results, just don't laugh, I know I'm not perfect ;)
These parametres are: 1. sex; 2. age; 3. height; 4. weight; 5. body mass index (BMI); fat percentage in body calculated by 6. Deurenberg & 7. Jackson-Pollock formula; 8. fat fold thickness on the back of the upper arm, under spatula, above iliac crest bone, on belly, on the front of the thigh & back of the shank; 9. fat percentage in body depending on previous results; 10. waist girth; 11. hips girth (I measured it with my clothes on, so these numbers are big xD ); 12. division of previous numbers (so you know your body type); 13. somatotype; 14. pulse frequency; 15. blood pressure; 16. hand grip muscle strenght (right/left arm).
And yesterday we made our cardiograms, so my results:
First line is when sensors are on your both arms; second - on right arm & left leg; third - on left arm & left leg. So, depending on this, my heart is normally placed & is working good, too :)
And also we were given real pig's heart, and we should mark different structures in it with numbers, it was fun :) Some other girls couldn't even touch it, so I don't know how they are, for example, cooking something if heart seems so nasty to them xD
Me with two hearts xD
But Earth science really isn't so great now, last Thursday we had a test (was so hard!), and this Monday we had to answer minerals. Pray God you never have to do something like this! We had to learn everything about more than 70 minerals, their chemical formula, hardness, cleavage, gloss, structure, use and so on... And in this test we were given 3 minerals, and we should say what it is and about all these parametres. Thought I would die there, but our teacher was in a good mood then :) I got quartz, gallenite & flogopite, fortunately recognized them... And here are pics of quartz, serpentine & silvine, I took photos of them during lectures for my course-mates ;)
And now it's also time for everyone from masters to make their final works, so everyone's trying to persuade us to take part in their experiments xD I will go to an experiment about body proportions, the only thing that I don't like is that I will be forced to pose for photos just in underwear, lol xD Maybe it'd be a good idea if I take part in some other experiments, for example, blood, so I won't have to go to a doctor, just have my health tested for free & help other people with it :)
Ok, enough text & photos for today, although I could tell you much more about everything, cause life's really going on now :)
And I'm soooo looking forward to this weekend, cause new formula-1 season will begin! I miss engine sounds so much & also all my beloved drivers like Seb, Fernando, Jaime, Lewis, Nico & Felipe... Hope this season will be even better than previous ;*
Have fun, people, don't forget to smile!

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