pirmdiena, 2011. gada 18. aprīlis

Closing the door I leave the world behind

I don't want to write much today. It's spring, and I'm fed up with this blog. It's ok to write something if it's dark evening or rainy day, but when it's warm even I want to go somewhere, and also I have so many things to do now. This week I am free, so it's finally a right time to do everything I wanted. Today I went to a library in faculty of physics&maths to take a book (I'm learning maths for 3 months now, and I still haven't got my book, lol), at the evening I'm going to movie with my friend, tomorrow or on Wednesday I'll go to Garciems with my teacher (to find some places for my course work), and then there will be Easter, so I'm definitely going somewhere! :)
This weekend I finally opened my bike-season this year ^.^ On Saturday drove ~20 km, and when I stopped near the lake, I found there 2 species of uncommon birds (at least for me) - great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus) and coot (Fulica atra) (on this photo). Yes, I have seen these birds before, but didn't know how they are called, but now I have to learn 72 species of birds for biology, so I have a book with pictures and can recognise them xD
And on Sunday I went to the sea, and also drove a bit in the wood :)
Beautiful swans ^.^
This one was trying to attack me xD
Sea with ice
I love ants :D
Fortifications from WW I
I wanted to jump from there, seriously xD
Have fun, people! ;*

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