pirmdiena, 2011. gada 25. aprīlis

All that I need is this moment / To send me away with a smile on my face / I tried to leave but I turn back / On my heart remains a trace...

Hi everyone! :)
I'm now addicted to a song Nic Chagall feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - This Moment. I know, it's a bit old, but I don't care. Just found a video which I downloaded from Kimi Raikkonen Space in 2009, and all these memories came back... It's hard to understand me, I know. Raikkonen was in formula-1 for 9 years, so many my memories are connected with it, and in this video is his last race - Abu Dhabi 2009. After it he left F1. And this video always makes me remember everything. Anyway, sorry for horrible beginning of the post, but you can listen to this song while reading all this :)

First of all, I wish you all happy Easter! It's a bit late, I know, but I was very busy all this weekend :)
These are our coloured eggs ^.^
Yesterday, as it was Easter, I went to my grandma, and I also had to show her some photos. While my mom went there by bus, I took my bike [btw, it's much faster!]. This road where I always drive there, is a bit strange - there is cannabis field, mad wild dogs, a house in which yard a big white cross is standing and I once saw a group of people in long white dresses dancing around it, old cemetery and an empty road where always strange men are walking [once one of them had a big and heavy bag, maybe there was a body? xD]. At least, it's good to do some sports, cause it's 25 km to Jugla and back :) And yesterday I also drove to Mežciems and a hospital [my grandma's brother is now there], and also I was at Biķernieki race track :) Yesterday there also was some race, so part of this track was closed, but I drove a bit there :)
I also took a video while driving around the track *I won't post it here*, but it looks that I'm driving sooo slow there :D My dad already told me that it just looks like that, cause I'm totally accustomed to watching F1 races, when cars are going at more than 300 km/h, but still I think I have to drive a bit more this year than in previous ones - since I have no sport lessons ar university, I'm feeling like an old granny, unable to do anything. But my target is to drive 100 kilometres without stopping this year :)
And also there was a great sunset on the way home ^.^
It's just sad that today is the last day of my one week Easter holidays and tomorrow I have to go to university again, but hope May will pass fast ^.^ Of course, then in June we will have session with lots of hard exams like anatomy & Earth science and in July I will have to spend a month in Kolka, but it's ok.
Have a good day :)*

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