otrdiena, 2011. gada 19. aprīlis

Just returned home from Garciems... I'm feeling like tomorrow I will simply die xD I was in this forest with my teacher today, so at least I got there by a car, not by the train. Fortunately, day was sunny and not so warm, and everything went +/- well, but I'm sooo tired xD Maybe I finally must start to do some sports :D
Some photos from today:
Beautiful sunny day in forest ^.^
And sea with ice... looks fantastic ^.^
Also on 28.04 we will have an `excursion` at Earth science, will go somewhere to Tukums, Sabile and other cities, trying to find different rocks :) Hope it won't rain! And on 29.04 me & my friend are going to Musiqq concert ^.^ They will perform ar Eurovision this year, so have to get some money. After concert we also will go somewhere, seems like a perfect Friday night :) Here's my ticket :)
Have a nice day all my followers! :)
Now you're 7, lucky number :) Although I don't put links to my blog anywhere, and also I'm not a good writer of this kind of blogs :)
BTW, ask me anything, I finally remembered that I have formspring xD http://www.formspring.me/MargaLV
Kisses ;*

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