trešdiena, 2011. gada 16. februāris

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

Now I feel really messed up. I want to sleep very much, cause I can't wake up at 7 a.m. every morning and feel normally, and also I started to think about different things [that I should forgot!] again. It's ok when I'm at university, cause there are lots of friends, and also teachers always say something funny, because biologists are not like everybody else, but when I'm at home alone... I know I maybe shouldn't write this here, but probably it'll help me. Yesterday I had biology laboratory works with algae, and almost all 6 hours when I was drawing something and looking at different algae in microscope, I only thought about last years May. Every word said by others made me remember all this stuff. Evening in a park, lots of mosquitoes, and just me & him. Yeah, I didn't like this evening then, friends laughed at me when I ran to them not even saying goodbye to him *it was so funny, I guess, that I even smiled now*, because he really wasn't the person I liked, but now when I remember... I became f*cking ironic after this, and yesterday I realised that I'm evil and I simply can break up with everyone only because of my love to freedom and my hate to everyone who tries to steal this freedom of me, even if only wishing me all the best... Life is f*cking stupid, people, and I don't want all this to change. And this Monday was the stupidest day this year [St.Valentine's day, f*ck yeah, `great` celebration, I hate it for 7 years now].
Ok, I'll shut up a bit and stop talking about these things, but sorry if my further post will be pessimistic and without any smilies.
On Saturday I went to exhibition center in Kipsala, cause there was international tourism exhibition - people from different countries [and also cities of Latvia] came there to represent them. And there I met my guide with who I went to Russia in 2008 :) He also offered to go with him to Russia again this year, hope I'll a have a chance to go to. And also there was a woman with siberian huskies, and everyone could try riding sledges with them. It was just for a few meters, but it's my dream to ride on dog-sledge, so I also tried it :)
Also after [and before] this, I took some pics of Riga.
And on Sunday I went to Jelgava to see ice sculptures. Spent there almost 5 hours, and it was below -20°C, felt like a penguin *photos I'll put in a next post, cause there still aren't in my computer* And now it's also really cold, by the way, but it's sunny [all 3 days of this week I saw sunrise while driving to university] and I love weather like this, no matter the others say.
Yeah, and yesterday my mom & dad had their 21st *I guess* wedding anniversary. So dad bought a bottle of Martini Asti, which I love very much, and I also bought two cans with coctails of Koskenkorva vodka [it's vodka from Finland, if you don't know]. I had to learn Earth science and draw contour lines [isolines], but at the end I got drunk again and I really don't know what I draw there, must check today!
So - I'll get pics from my camera to computer, and new post coming soon.

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