piektdiena, 2011. gada 11. februāris

In every life you have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double, SO DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY! ^^

I don't know it's good or not, but I'm not dead, I'm here, just second half of study year began, so I have no time to write here very often. But I'll try to do it on Fridays, cause I have lectures only till 12:00 and then I'm free :) Today's post is gonna be really long, cause I have very much photos to show you, and I'm also in a good mood, cause it's snowing again and I'm listening to World Rally Radio - first this year's rally in Sweden began! :) And also winter F1 testing in Jerez - I love this years cars, only I'm sad that Kubica won't drive this year - if you don't know, he had a terrible crash on 6th of February ://
So, I really don't know what to start with. Maybe about school. I don't know why, but we have so many lectures in a week [although credit points are the same]! At least we have no chemistry or physics, just math, Earth science and anatomy (and, of course, English & biology). And I really like this! I never liked learning, but now I just can't complain about anything - at maths we'll have 7 `tests` which we can do at home and we won't have any exam; Earth science compared to physics is interesting and we'll also go somewhere in nature; and in anatomy we have fantastic teacher, and also we'll finish laboratory works till May, so then we'll be free [same with biology, yay!]. And also some pictures - first three are at biology laboratory works on Tuesday with mushrooms, last is on Monday at Earth science, and the fourth one is today at maths, lol xD
And last weekend I was in Tallinn :) I went there on Friday night (at 2 a.m.) and returned back home at 6 a.m. on Sunday. It was really great, although I was totally exausted - 2 nights on a bus with no sleep, and also 18 hours non-stop walking around the city! I think I won't tell much about this weekend, just post here some photos :) And don't look on my clothes, I know I look like a fool, it just was wet, so I wore my rubber boots, and also it was cold at night, so I'm with hat & hood!
It's already at the evening, lots of people around...
Town Hall Square.
Freedom Square in the morning.
Me with lots of swans :) It was near ferry port at the morning, I wanted to go to Finland again, but mom called me and didn't let me go xD
Gates to the city :)
It's Finland somewhere behind me far, far away (approx. 80 km) :))
Me on stairs leading to viewing area at the top of Fat Margaret's Tower (yeah, I hate it's name - why it's my name and why it's fat? xD)
Inside museum.
It's me at the top of the tower!
Another gates to the city...
Alexander Nevsky's Cathedral.
Pigeons :D
View of the city :)
Pigeon :)
Me & sculpture of chimney sweep :)
Ice sculptures on the Freedom Square - there were 12 sculptures of animals, which are symbols of 12 years :)
I also have lots of other great pictures, but I think if you want to see some more, you just can google it ;)
And also a photo of today's weather - I took it with my mobile phone, so quality is not good, but you can see lots of snow everywhere :)
Hope you'll like this post :) Maybe later I'll post here something else, but now I want to go and finally watch GP2 Asia race at Abu Dhabi - it's really interesting, I love these young drivers for their aggressive style & lots of mistakes & trying to overtake, and also it reminds me of 14th November when Seb became world champion in F1 :) The only thing is that I feel really old when watching this, cause some drivers there are the same years old as me! xD
Bye for now, people, enjoy Friday :))

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