trešdiena, 2011. gada 2. marts

Spring is nature's way of saying: `Let's party!`

Hello, people! :)
Finally I'm here, and it's March already. Did I say that I hate spring? Especially after such a nice February we had, almost every day was sunny and so cold as I like, but now it's raining and there are just clouds everywhere. Any chance that I'll like it sometimes? Don't think so.
I really don't want to write much today, but I have lots to say and also some pics to show you. First of all, last Thursday me & my friend from university went to `Bodies Revealed`, was really interesting and educational too for anatomy lectures & laboratory works :) I only don't understand those parents who took their kids there [one woman was with a boy, who maybe was 1,5-2 years old], cause it's not an exhibition that everyone can attend - there are real bodies... We couldn't take pictures there, cause there were cameras and people watching you, but if you want, you can see some pics from internet here.
Last Saturday I don't know what happened to me, but I went shopping xD And not because I needed something, but just for fun, and I also bought lots of things there. I know it's not something extraordinary, but for me it really is, cause all my life I don't act like a girl, now maybe it's not so obvious, but when I was a kid, I really was like a boy xD So, things I bought:
Sweater [bought it for summer nights with biologists at Kolka ^.^] & black jeans from Cubus, bolero jacket from New Yorker.
Skirt from New Yorker [they really look great when you wear them :) ]
Dress from New Yorker [seems I love this shop and I was totally in a strange mood that day xD ]
Shoes [don't remember where I bought them, but they're really great and comfortable [unfortunately I can't wear shoes with heel, cause I had serious foot & ankle trauma at the age of five, so had to choose these]].
Sneakers from Sportland.
Bows from Bon Bon, really like them :)Also I wanted to put here a picture from anatomy last Wednesday, I took my camera and for 1,5 hours we were doing nothing, just taking pics of different bones, and our teacher was laughing at us xD So, a pic with me & Aloiz, and also some other pics xD
And also a pic from the same day, it was really beautiful & sunny, and also snowflakes were falling, so everything was like covered with diamonds, it's not so great on this photo, but still beautiful :)
Also sunset / sunrise from my bus stop / my window :)
Oh, and also last Friday I was with my friend on a movie `Black Swan`. That evening when we decided to go there, a man was killed in this cinema and at the same movie, but still we went there. What can I say - I really liked how Natalie Portman played her role, although I never think about how actors are playing, but movie on the whole was a bit crazy O.o But I liked it :)
Ok, I'm tired of writing, had my first test in biology this year about fungi & algae; it was funny when as an answer to one question I wrote `I choose mushrooms, cause I like them and they're tasty!` xD That's totally me, lol xD
Bye for now, and have a great day! :)*

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