ceturtdiena, 2010. gada 9. decembris

Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen ♥

Today is the best day this year, if not talking about university and stuff like that. It's snowing outside - and how! A lot of white snowflakes falling from the sky, it's so beautiful that I even considered going to forest to walk there, although I never do that! But it was dark already, so I didn't go anywhere...
Anyway, this winter time is perfect. It's great even sitting near the window, drinking hot coffee with milk & Irish cream liqueur, watching outside, especially, when there's someone you realy love with you... Last part of this sentence is not for me now, though, but still - I love this time ♥
Today I even took my camera to university to take some pictures of winter. At the morning I didn't want to miss the bus, so I didn't took many pics, there's only one at a bus stop, cause I missed my bus anyway and there was nothing to do while I was waiting for the next one to come :D
But coming home I took some while it wasn't really dark. This one is in park near my faculty of biology...
And my district & my house, too :)
And lots of snow, too, you even can't see my feet :D
It's simply winter fairytale.

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