sestdiena, 2010. gada 18. decembris


Again - it's been a long time since I last wrote here. But I was really busy, had to do so much these days, that I even didn't use computer at all :/ Now everything's changed, it'll be last week at university, and then Christmas & New Year *hope I'll go to Estonia then!* finally! Yeah, I don't like these celebrations, but still - it'd be nice to relax finally.
And now something about these days since 11th December!
First of all, on Sunday I went to my best friend Linda, cause she had her birthday celebrated :) It was really fun, and when we went out, first thing that she did was throwing snow in my face! Of course, I responded by throwing her in snow, and for a long time we [me, Linda and her boyfriend] were trying to throw each other in snow, while everyone else was just standing and laughing at us! xD I went home completely wet, but this evening was one of the funniest this year :)
And on Thursday me and my friend Gerda went to the Christmas ball organised by her university, and it was also fun there :D I drank only two glasses of champagne, but [I really don't know why!] it was so enough for me, that I was simply laughing all night long like really drunk! :D
The funniest thing about this all was actually that I got home at 5 a.m, slept for only 1,5 hours and then went to university, where I had 6 hours of biology laboratory works where we were drawing leaves of different plants and had a test! Fortunately, I had answers, but it was so hard for me while we had lecture, I even thought that I would better die there than listen to all this stuff about plants! :D
And another funny thing was that when I went home after these laboratory works, I went to another ball at my faculty of biology! It was easy *at least I think so!* for Gerda, cause she was at home all day, but I felt like a zombie xD Our ball wasn't so interesting, cause it's a big difference between well-organisated ball at Latvian Society House [or whatever, don't know how to translate `Latviešu biedrības nams` in English] and simple student party at faculty, and we also were there too early. But we spent some time in faculty and took some photos too :)
Then we went to Čili pica and simply walked around in city center, maybe not the best way to spend Friday night, but better than sitting at home!
And one more funny thing, now I wonder how it looked then :D Our car got stuck in snow for a moment [cause it's unreal to park normally now] and when we coudn't get out of this snow I told that I'll try to push this car out. And it really worked! And now imagine situation: a girl in ball's dress easily pushes out this big Crysler Voyager out of the snow! xD Hope nobody saw it :D
*some more posts with photos coming soon*

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