piektdiena, 2010. gada 3. decembris

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.

I just woke up and now I'm watching `Home Alone` as every year before Christmas. Can't believe it's coming and will be here so soon, don't like this time :/
So, I'm glad to tell you this week is finally over! Today's test in microbiology was so hard! I knew almost everything of tasks which I did, but there was so much other things, ahh, hope it'll be ok, I just need some reward for time what I spent on these tasks, lectures and other stuff!
And today we had our final laboratory work in microbiology, and now I feel so sorry that they're over - our teacher was fantastic, it was always fun to sit there, doing something :)
Today we had a lot of things to do - first of all we made some preparations of different bacteria [Bacillus, Staphylococcus etc], I have no pics of it, but when I'll get back my drawings, I'll probably put them here :) Then we finally saw bacteria pure culture, which we made previous time, mine wasn't really pure, cause 2 fungi colonies grew there, but still it looked nice :)
Then we got back our media with fungi, which we collected from plant leef. In my & my friends media there was only one colony...
...but in microscope it looked much more interesting, some spores and hypha, so I tried to take a photo too :)
And finally we got media with different fungi - Mucor, Aspergillus niger & Penicillium lanoso - virials, and had to examine them in microscope again, looked interesting, as always :D
And here is a pic of me & my bacteria pure culture in our laboratory *I have a pic with me & my friend, too, but I think this isn't the best place where to put  it* :)
So that's all of biology and I must end now, have not so much time :) And tomorrow I have a plan to go to a mall finally, hope I'll find warm winter jacket & boots there, it's a bit cold for me in this beautiful Latvian winter :))
Bye! :))*

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