ceturtdiena, 2010. gada 23. decembris

Finally it's over!

Today is the last day of learning this year! To be honest, I can't believe that it is so soon. Cause when I was at school, I couldn't even wait for autumn holidays normally, I was always complaining that it's so hard and so on, but now we had no autumn holidays, and I feel like these 4 months passed by like a few days - maybe it seems that I love studying at faculty of biology and don't have to think that I hate some subjects [not talking about chemistry xD]. And it's great I think :)
First of all, I wanted to post here a pic from out newman's ball at October [?], it's small, but probably best part of our biologists :) This pic is not mine, though, I found it somewhere on the internet, but I like it :)
No more pics for today [later I'll post here some more pics of biology laboratory works with different leaves], just some text about future :)
January will be the most toughest month at university, cause we'll have session and different tests everywhere [biology, chemistry, physics & English]. Hope I'll survive then! And maybe I'll go to help at Latvia's biology olympiad on 25th&26th of January, if I'll want to :)
And yesterday I also went to talk about my final work on 2nd study year [everyone has to write a big project about something], so the main idea is to make it about different unvertebrates at sand dunes & pine tree forests, I'll have to go to my selected place in January and try to find different places there, hope it'll be interesting :)
So bye for now! :))

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