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Sabaton, Eluveitie & Wisdom \m/

Heeey, my dear readers! ^^
Some time ago I told you that I finally got a ticket to one great metal concert in Riga. As it was two days ago, it's time to tell you about it. It was simply AWESOME! I still haven't got my normal voice, my back still hurts from standing near the stage for 5 hours, neck hurts from headbanging (for 4 hours!) and even my fingers hurt :D I'm not used to such crazy activities now, but it was totally worth it!
There were much more people than at Amorphis concert, me & my friends were there an hour before the concert (when they just started to let people in) and there were already people near the stage, I had to stay in 2nd row again. But I love this club for a possibility to be so close to bands on stage even if you're not in a front row ^^ It's not possible in those big concert halls.
First ones to sing were guys from Wisdom. And even though they were a support band, they were so great. Those 40 minutes passed like a few seconds.
Then came Eluveitie, the band I wanted to hear the most that evening ^^ Unfortunately, Anna was ill, so the band didn't play songs that she's singing (like A Rose for Epona), but still the show was amazing. And, as I already said, I love being so close to the stage.
After Eluveitie I went to buy some water, so when Sabaton started to sing, I was already in a huge crowd. And people went totally crazy :D I thought that even at metal concerts Latvians are calm a bit (as we're in Northern Europe after all), but I was wrong. We were jumping, yelling, singing songs and so on, I even thought that I can't become so crazy as I was then :D
And I still wonder if guys from Eluveitie & Sabaton really went to drink some beer with their fans, as they promised :D I had to leave even before the show was over to get to the last bus (I hate public transport for this), otherwise I would stay to check :D
And here are some videos for you :) Sorry for the shaking image (especially in Sabaton video :D ), I couldn't stay calm even while shooting videos :D The atmosphere was too crazy!
Wisdom ^^ I love the moment when Gábor is asking `seriously? It's a heavy metal concert!` :D
Eluveitie ^^ Thank you so f**king much!
And finally Sabaton ^^
Have a nice day/evening! And listen to metal! \m/

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  1. Atbildes
    1. It's not possible that they won't come to Finland sometimes :) So you just have to wait for them \m/


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