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Innsbruck, Austria, 2008

Heey, my dear readers! ^^
I guess it's time finally to write another travel post, which will be about beautiful country called Austria. I was there during the same trip around Europe I told you before in March 2008. Unfortunately, we spent there just one day, so didn't see much of it.
Somewhere in Austria
First of all, you know that Austria has beautiful mountains? I never saw them before this trip, so the view out of the car window was simply awesome. I guess, I have more than 500 photos just with the views like this.
Somewhere in Austria again
After visiting some other countries we started our way to the Austrian city called Innsbruck (random fact - I'm sitting in front of my computer, wearing a sweater with a text `Innsbruck, Austria` :D ).
...and again :D
Innsbruck is fifth largest city in Austria, and it's the capital city of the federal state of Tyrol. As we were getting closer to the city, mountains became higher and higher, they were also covered with snow, although it was quite warm already.
Mountains ^^
And you can guess how happy I was when we got to the hotel and I discovered that the view through the window is so perfect! ^^
At the hotel
After spending a night there we had a quick walk around the city. The most beautiful thing there, in my opinion, is Inn river (of course, I love nature, not the cities, as I'm a biologist ^^). It starts in Swiss Alps, flows through Switzerland, Austria & Germany and then flows into Danube (I didn't know that before).
Sill river (I guess so), one of the tributaries of the Inn river & mountains
Then we saw the Old Town and, of course, the famous Golden Roof. It was built in 1500 and looks quite interesting and beautiful ^^
A street in Old Town and Golden Roof.
After seeing the city we used cable railway to get to the mountain to visit a zoo. The view was fantastic during the ride and also when we got up there! If you ever come to Innsbruck, it's a thing you should try definitely! :)
View from the mountain
After a short walk around we got to the zoo called Alpenzoo. It is home to over 2000 animals (150 species) which are or have been typical for the Alps. I tried to choose just a few photos of animals (you know that I can tell about them forever :D ).
Cute bear ^^
After visiting the zoo we already had to leave Austria, so this is all we saw there. But I know that I want to come back and take a longer walk in mountains ^^
Somewhere in Innsbruck
By the way, we also saw a bit of Germany when we were driving to Czech Republic, but it was just out of the car. And I spotted a sign to Nurburgring racing circuit somewhere ^^
View in Germany
Austria is the last country of my European trip, hopefully soon I'll start writing about Sweden (I've been in Stockholm many times, so I have to think how to arrange everything just in one post (and one more post will be about the zoo in Sweden - what a surprise :D )).
Have fun and take care! ^___^ And enjoy spring!

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  1. Great blog and lovely pictures!!! Will visit your blog regularly to see pictures like I see for videos of India.. cheers!!

  2. Aw, just make 10 posts about Sweden ( 5 of which about the zoo) ^.^ I know I'm interested. :-P I'm sure there are many things to write about. Like, "mammals in Sweden", "birds in Sweden" etc. :D

    1. Ok, then I'll write many posts about animals ^___^ You would love to see the place I'll write about :)


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