ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 21. februāris

People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy ^^

Hi! :)
I'm finally here with a new post (actually I have to write my bachelor's work (again), but it can wait, I guess). Just watched UEFA CL game between Barcelona and Milan, and my favourite Barca lost 2:0. Games in this season really aren't as nice as I thought, as my favourite teams almost always lose. But well, let's wait for the finals in May :)
First of all, I finally got a ticket to the concert I told you about some time ago ^^
It turned out that some of my friends are going, too (biologists love metal ^^), and I can't wait to see Eluveitie (and also Sabaton)!
And I also wanted to tell you about one awesome bar I discovered last week in Riga. My crazy blonde friend Linda was asked to play her violine at Valentine's day in Karjala bar. Of course, she asked me to go with her. I usually don't celebrate Valentine's day (and not because I'm forever alone :D, I just have my own opinion about this `celebration`), but this time I just had to go, as this is a Finnish bar. And I really got this Finnish feeling ^^ At the table next to us sat the owner of the bar, who talked with a former rock musician (in Finnish ^^), some Finnish guys came in for a short time, and a show on TV even had Finnish subtitles ^^ (how many times did I mention a word `Finnish` in this post? :D). I must definitely go to that bar once again sometimes :)
And some thoughts again (I always start to think about life if I'm writing posts after midnight). Have you ever heard that every person that comes to your life changes it somehow? I didn't believe in it, but now I have totally changed my mind. When I had a birthday party, I met a person (I met him before, but didn't knew much), whose thoughts really changed my view on life. I started to think about things that I want to change in myself (not only the appearance). And I really have some crazy motivation to do almost anything - for example, I wasn't ready for contact lenses for years, and now I've done it. There are two another big things I started to think about (can't tell you yet), hopefully in two weeks I'll know about everything :)
And a song for you ^^ This one is my favourite this week.
Have fun and take care! ^^

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  1. I want to see Eluveitie too! T_T

    Nice song :) By the way, I sent you the song I'm addicted to in VKontakte the other day ;)

    Maybe you should work in that bar? ;) Then you'll have a legitimate reason to speak about Finnish stuff everywhere :D

    1. I even checked if they plan to come to Finland - but they don't... But hopefully they will, Finland is bigger and more popular contry than Latvia (and you have many other awesome bands there ^^).

      That would be great :D And I could get some Finnish feeling every day ^^

    2. I just found some interesting Finnish names of Latvian places :)

      Daugavpils Väinänlinna
      Daugava (river) Väinäjoki
      Riga Riika
      Valka Valga

      Did you know them?

    3. I knew Riika & Valga :D But never thought that it's possible to make Finnish names from Daugavpils and Daugava. They sound so cool ^^

    4. In Finland everything is possible :D


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