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Brno & Prague, Czech Republic, 2008

Hi! :)
I'm finally here with a new post about foreign countries ^^ When I wrote here about Lithuania I told you, that  the last photo was taken when I was driving through Lithuania to another country. And the country was Czech Republic :) So today I'll show photos from two different cities I visited there.
Somewhere in Czech Republic
In the morning we arrived to the second largest city in Czech Republic called Brno (it's actually not a big city, even compared to Riga). We had a day to spend there and it was enough to see main buildings and places of interest in the city centre, but, of course, there are many other places to see, if you're staying for a longer time. After getting our hotel rooms (we stayed in Grand Hotel, which was amazing!) we went walking around the city.
First place we went to was the Cabbage (or Vegetable) Market. There were many flowers and fruits sold there, looked really colorful in that cold spring day. In the middle of the square there is a beautiful fountain called Parnas Fountain, which looks really interesting (you can read what it means, following the link about Cabbage Market).
Parnas Fountain and Cathedral of St.Peter and Paul.
Near this square is the famous Cathedral of St.Peter and Paul. I don't have any photo where it's possible to see the whole building, as it's so big and we were just walking around it. Near the Cathedral there is a park called Denis Gardens, and also it's possible to see some part of the city from above.
View on the city
After it we walked a bit around the city (I have no idea where it was :D) and saw some other interesting buildings, many churches (I really don't know how many there were, but it seems that almost on every street there is a church) and so on.
Streets of Brno
One of the buildings was Mahen Theatre, one of three buildings of Brno National Theatre.
Mahen Theatre
Another interesting thing was the sculpture of a stork. It is located at the intersection of streets Pekařská and Anenská (I even found this place on the map :D). And, of course, the famous beer ^^ I didn't like beer before I tried it in Brno.
Sculpture of the stork and me & mum with the beer :D
And we also saw the main railway station of Brno, as it was really near to our hotel.
Brno hlavní nádraží
After Brno we visited another two countries (I'll tell you about them later) and after some time returned to Czech Republic once again, this time - to it's capital city Prague. We spent there just one night, so didn't see much of the city, but it was enough to understand that it's beautiful and I must visit it one more time :)
Wenceslas Square
In the Old Town we saw mainly different churches. For example, Church of Our Lady before Týn, which is the main church in the Old Town since 14th century. And we also visited Old Town Square to see Prague Astronomical Clock - third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working. We also waited to see animated figures that appear there every hour.
Church of Our Lady before Týn and Prague Astronomical Clock.
And, of course, we went to see Charles Bridge. It crosses the Vltava river and has 3 bridge towers, and also  many statues on it. So it looks really beautiful, and also the view on the river at night is amazing, unfortunately photos don't show the real beauty of the view :)
View from the Charles Bridge.
A street in Old Town and the Church of St. Havel.
So that was the short description of my excursion to Czech Republic. When I was writing this post, I really felt that I want to see those cities once again and stay there for longer time. Maybe sometimes when I'll stop being so addicted to northern countries :D
Have a nice day! ^^ Another two countries with awesome nature coming soon.

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  1. Cabbage Market sounds tempting :D A bit of a cabbage addict here :D

    One more cool bridge! You have a collection :)

    The centre of Moscow is also packed with churches, I even once came across a German Lutheran cathedral there o_O

    1. They sell just flowers and fruits there, so it's just a name :)

      I love bridges! There will be some more in future posts about different countries ^^


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