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Photopost: Giraffe Day at Riga Zoo ^^

Heeey! ^^
I guess, I'm now going to our zoo too often, because today I was there again :D But today there was a big event - our zoo (sponsored by Viasat Nature TV channel) bought scales, on which they can now weigh animals up to 3000 kg. And today the big secret of our zoo was revealed ^^
Usmi, Piks, Periskops & Kimi ^^
TV commercial about Giraffe Day ^^

There were so many people around today, also many tourists. Children could color pictures of giraffes, everyone could take part in orienteering - go to five points near different animals and do something there (and get candies and brooch with giraffe - at one point everyone should show a monkey dance, was fun :D ).
Everyone taking photos
People could also read interesting information about giraffes. I liked this one - compare your tongues! :D (giraffe's tongue is about 45-53 cm long)
Compare your tongues :D
Actually, giraffes were weighed before this day (as they are afraid of new things, so they didn't like scales).
And the result is:
  • Usmi - 790 kg;
  • Kimi - 825 kg;
  • Piks - 1069 kg;
  • Periskops didn't want to step on scales, so just his back legs weigh 469 kg ^^
Cuuute Kimi ^^
There were so many journalists around, poor giraffes didn't understand what's happening. *I must watch news today ^^*
Now zoo will know exactly, how much food / medicine / etc. is needed for our giraffes and are they healthy :)
And, of course, some other pictures with our animals ^^
Cute striped tapir ^^
Laughing kookaburra
Secretary bird and meerkat (he was standing near the window).
Amazonian horned frog in Tropical House
Green frog in Latvian Reptile and Amphibian House
Some more frogs from Tropical House.
Japanese macaques ^^
Polar owl. I couldn't take a picture, because it turned its head away every time when it saw my camera :D
Kitty ^^
I hope that soon I'll have time for some other posts ^^ This month will be so great - we have many excursions at lectures. To Botanical garden, to the zoo (again :D), to the forest where we'll pick mushrooms, to Museum of Nature (we'll have an exhibition of mushrooms there, and it's also possible to work there at evenings), to Daugavgrīva. I have the best faculty ^^
And now it's time for GP3 race in Monza (such a great battle for the lead in Championship) ^^
Have a nice evening! :)

4 komentāri:

  1. Kookaburra! I always wanted to see one. Or better, to hear :D And meerkats! The adorables of the world.

    That lion looks like he's just left a hairdressing saloon :D

    And froooooooooooogs ^.^

    1. When you'll visit Riga Zoo, you can try to make it `sing` (I couldn't :D ).

      Meerkats now have a cute little baby ^^ But he's inside, so it's too dark and impossible to take a cute photo :(

    2. Well, I think it needs to be tickled - so that it laughs :D

    3. I must try it on Friday, when we'll have a lecture at the zoo :D Just watched some videos on youtube - such a great bird :D


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