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Best faculty in the world :)

Hi everyone! :)
Today I’ll show you some photos and write a promised post about my faculty of biology – why do I love it so much. Recently we had many excursions (while it’s still warm outside), so I’ll tell you a bit about them (or at least I’ll try, cause something’s wrong with the internet today, it shows just Latvian web-pages without any problems).
So, our first excursion was to the zoo :) We had some kind of orienteering there, as we had to find animals from different parts of the world and fill a list. Of course, I was just taking photos :D
On my way to the zoo
Manul ^^ So cuuute ^^
Kookaburra doesn't laugh! We were trying to make it laugh for almost an hour :D
Cute tapir and hippo ^^
Love this frog ^^
Aquarium once again
At the evening we went to our Museum of Nature with another teacher to see different mushrooms and have a lecture about them :D Was interesting, but it seems like almost all of them are edible – I would never pick anything like them. And there also was a director of truffle center in Finland (juvatruf.fi), he told us about truffles a bit, was interesting :) A day before me and my friend Zane also worked at this exhibition (we were changing old mushrooms to a fresh ones). And people asked so many questions, I didn’t even know what to answer!
At least these ones are poisonous :D
And these are edible...
These ones too :D
It would be a tasty sauce from these ^^
Giant puffballs
Part of exhibition
Last week we also had a lecture about mushrooms in the forest. At first saw many poisonous and touched them, later ate some edible (touching them with unwashed hands :D ). But a woman, who was telling about them (she’s the best mushroom specialist in Latvia) told us that it’s possible to die only from Amanita phalloides and Amanita virosa, others are not so poisonous, you must eat very much (and she even tried one poisonous mushroom :D ). Biologists are funny people :D
Mycena epipterygia
This is a very beautiful mushroom

We also had a lecture at the Botanical garden, this time I also took some pictures inside tropical and palm house. And again – at first we touched some poisonous plants, and then ate edible fruits without washing hands :D
Victoria cruziana (with very small leaves :( )
Cacti :)
Other beautiful succulents
And at the end some other photos. We noticed that every morning many crows in our district are sitting on wires and waiting for sunrise. And at the evening they sit there again and watch sunset (they even turn to the right side). So my dad woke up at 5 a.m. on Saturday and went to take some photos.
How do they know, where and when the sun will rise?
And last Saturday I was supposed to go to my friend to celebrate her Name day, but instead of this I went to Alfa shopping center to meet Latvian racing driver Haralds Šlēgelmilhs ^^ He will take part in formula-2 race in Monza this weekend, so in Sportland shop was a formula-3 car and it was possible to take Harald's autograph and ask some questions to him.
Of course, I had to have a photo :)

Formula-3 car
And that's all for now, I must finally go and finish my work about lichens :)
Have a nice day! ^^

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  1. I finally got a glimpse of manul in Korkeasaari, but I only saw its round back :D It quickly disappeared in the grass. Yours seems to be less shy :D

    1. I just looked through all my photos from Korkeasaari and didn't find manul, so he really is shy :D
      Our looks angry everytime. Angry(Bird)Manul :D

    2. Maybe he ate an angry bird? o_O :D


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