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Roja :)

And again I must say that finally I'll write something here. Just two days of lectures in a week don't mean that I have much free time - I still have to write 10 pages about lichens or mosses (I already watched best moments of five last F1 seasons races while writing, and there's still so much to do), and many other homeworks. At least it's interesting to do them :) Anyway, main idea of this post was to tell you about Roja, where I try to spend at least few days of my summer every year, as my best friend's grandma has a house there.
Notice the seagull ^^
These are photos from this year. But the main thing here is a story, why it's such a great place ^^ In short, Roja is a small city (I call it a village, but people living there don't like this name :D), which was first mentioned in documents in 1387. It's located at the coast of Gulf of Riga, where Roja river flows. There is also a port, and it's 7th biggest port in Latvia.
First of all, Roja is feeling of freedom. Because of the sea, of course. Because of the wind, waves and other things.
Gulf of Riga
Catching some waves with Linda
This year Linda got Bavarian national costume (or at least something similar to it), and all of us tried it on :D
Me at the seaside
And we also had to climb up the tower, which was rusty and unstable. Well, that's us, what could you expect? :D
It's possible to see us at this photo
I also love Roja, because you can do almost anything there, and nobody pays attention. Where else could you walk in a city like this (with a food) and nobody would ask you, why are you doing it? :D
Pizza, cucumbers and a cake together :D
Roja is a place of sunsets ^^ I never saw so many beautiful sunsets as there.
And many many photos at the sunset ^^
Roja is Ancient Fire Night Festival (Senās uguns nakts festivāls). I recommend you to visit this event. It's held every year at last Saturday of August. This year we wasn't there then, but previous times it was wonderful.
Photos from 2006.
Roja is Sea Festival - held every year at second Saturday of July. There you can see Neptune, attend some concerts, have fun and see fireworks above the sea ^^
Photos from 2007.
Roja is the city of roses :) Our house is near the school of music, and many beautiful roses grow there. Also many of them are at the main square of Roja.
Roja is just 35 kilometers from Kolka. I guess, after all my posts about this place I don't have to tell you, why it's wonderful (not because of biologists)? :D So many tourists visit Cape Kolka every year, don't you want to join them? :)
Monument for taken by the sea. 2008.
Roja is 34 kilometers from Talsi. That's, in my opinion, the most beautiful city of Western Latvia. It's located on 9 hills, has 3 lakes there, many beautiful, old streets and amazing atmosphere.
Lake Talsi. 2009.
Roja is I don't know how many, maybe 20 kilometers from Valdemārpils (the same direction as Talsi). There you can see the largest lime tree in Baltic states, called the Idol Lime Tree (Elku liepa).
Photos from 2009. (And I have fallen off this tree - what a surprise :D).
Roja is the city of fireflies and night life (not because of parties and nightclubs!). Where else you can walk in the forest at 4 a.m. and collect them? ^^ Or where else you can go to a graveyard exactly at 12 a.m.?
12 kilometers from Roja is little village called Pūrciems, where you can see a White Dune. There is a nature trail (where we tried to climb up broken stairs, carrying bicycles) and cuuute horses ^^
15 kilometers from Roja (just in opposite direction) is another little village called Kaltene - a place to watch birds. There is also a nature trail, which resembles nature trails in Finland - many rocks, mosses and a great forest ^^
View from the bird watching tower. 2009.
And finally, Roja is the city of hedgehogs (I just couldn't resist to put here this cuuute photo ^^)
So, what's a place you'll visit, if you are in Latvia? :D Well, seriously, from all Latvian regions Kurzeme is the most beautiful and the most... latvian? Or I just have some kind of nostalgia, while listening to Sting and The Rasmus?
Anyway, one more thing I promised to show you - video from Brainstorm concert, where they sing `Bronze` and our Olympics Champion Māris Štrombergs is there ^^
Translation of lyrics.
By the way, I achieved one of this years goals - to drive 1000 km with my bike :) So far I drove 1015 km ^^
And that's all for today, I guess. Hope soon I will write another post about our awesome excursions at lectures and about a little trip to Daugavgrīva fortress last weekend.
Have a nice evening! ^^

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  1. I can imagine you carrying tankards of beer in that costume :D


    1. Beer would be the best accessory for this costume :D

      Awww, the movie ^^ Why Forum Cinemas & Cinnamon wouldn't show it in Latvia? I keep checking their web-pages so often, but it seems like nobody will show it in our cinemas T_T

    2. I guess you have to come to Finland again :D

    3. Maybe until November a miracle happens and we'll also have this movie in cinemas :D
      And maybe in October me & my friends will go to a two-days trip to Tallinn (27.10) & Helsinki (28.10), as it's a pretty cheap excursion (at least for me with my love to Finland). I must try to persuade them to go! :D I want to show my friends Suomenlinna instead of going to Flamingo Spa with all the group (after excursion around Helsinki there will be some time then), so you could join us (if we really come) ^^

    4. That would be great! And you're doing the right thing - Finland should be advertised more often :DD

    5. It seems that I can persuade people :D Two girls already agreed to go, third girl must wait until her parents decide when they'll go somewhere (and then she will know if she can go with us). If no - we'll find someone else :)
      So I hope soon I will get tickets and I will write you then :)


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