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Riga Zoo: Video & Photopost ^^

Hey! ^^
Today I'll talk about Riga Zoo again, as I was there yesterday. I went there to see penguins :) We usually don't have penguins at our zoo, but this time 17 Gentoo penguins spent 3 weeks here on their way from Edinburgh Zoo to China (they will leave Latvia tomorrow morning). But I also took photos and some videos of other animals (as weather wasn't good for taking photos, as it was too dark). So enjoy ^^
Penguins ^^ So fat ^^

Hippo waiting for food :D
Such a big mouth ^^
Cute sleeping polar bear ^^
Some visitors from Lithuania were feeding him with a curd cake.
Ring-tailed lemurs
Such a cute kitty ^^
Dendrobate frog
And another two
Black crowned crane (it started raining heavily, so he looks so funny)
Hungarian grey cattle
Camels ^^
Wet donkeys :D
And some videos. Almost in all of them animals are having a meal, it's a common show in Riga Zoo, but I never saw it before (as I never come there so early :D ).

Penguins ^^

Hippos having breakfast ^^

Breakfast and morning bath for wild boars.

Pelicans, cormorants & seagulls.

Ring-tailed lemurs.
And now I'll go on listening songs from Veniversum (album by De Lirium's Order), while my mom is sleeping :D and reading Robinson Crusoe (I decided that I must read this book finally, before lectures at university haven't started). Anyway, this semester I'll have just 4 lectures a week. Ecology of populations on Mondays and Biogeography, Environmental protection and Practical ecology on Tuesdays. I guess I must find a job finally :D (had a good idea to work at the zoo, of course, it's not about money, but about animals ^^). Or to start learning Finnish seriously and take a Finnish course finally ^^
Have a nice evening ^^

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  1. Haha, wet donkeys are so cuuuuuute! ^.^ And that wet crane ^^

    I saw penguins in Moscow zoo, some small variety. They usually just sit on rocks and sleep. Sometimes one of them starts leaning too close to water while sleeping, and you watch and cheer 'come on, fall already!' but it wakes up in the last moment and doesn't fall :D

    1. I wonder why didn't they hide under some roof :D Giraffes were the only ones, who went into their house, when the rain started (and I was the only one, who didn't went home, when the rain started :D).

      These penguins also were quite small, although they are 3rd largest penguin species in the world. I imagine how cute those little sleepy penguins looked then ^^


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