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Heeey! ^^

Once again I must say - finally I'm writing a post here :D I can't even organize my time to write in my other, personal blog (and then I must try to remember, what happened a month or two ago to write about it). But tomorrow I'm going to Roja again, so I decided to write here and show you some photos *some music from Skyforger and Sonata Arctica and let's go* :)
Last week my friend Žanete turned 21, and we had to celebrate a bit. Me & Gerda bought a cake, cupcake, made her a movie with our crazy photos & videos and congratulate her at Bastion Hill with a song :)
Our present
And later we went to Sigulda to adventure park Mežakaķis (Forest Cat). As we have a special karma, of course, it was raining (like previous year), but fortunately we managed to have fun :)
Mežakaķis is located somewhere in this forest near Gauja river
This week we decided to meet once again, I made some chocolate muffins for us (thanks to Katja for tempting me! :D) and we went for a picnic to Garciems :)
My little muffins ^^
Me & Žanete
I love this picture so much :D Evija, Žanete & me.
And, of course, we went to that tower for monitoring forest fires I told you about some time ago, and I had to climb there once again.
Amazing view ^^
I also took a video up there :) I'm talking in Latvian about what I see from there - Lake Ķīšezers, TV tower at Zaķusala, little village near Langa river, stairs where I have to climb down & my friends Evija & Žanete.
And on Friday I was at Brainstorm concert ^^ I can't say I like them, because I don't listen to this kind of music, but the concert was great. They have a song called Bronze (the only one I really like, because it's about racing), and after we got two medals at Olympics, they changed lyrics from `that's not a gold, not even bronze` to `we have a gold, and also bronze!`. And you know what - Māris Štrombergs, who got gold this year in London at BMX was there ^^ I didn't find a video, so maybe I'll show it to you later, if someone will upload it. Such a nice surprise :)
I went to a concert totally ill with temperature, runny nose and sore throat, but it didn't stop me from going to Spilve airport on Saturday, as we have Riga city festival now, and there was an air show. Later we went to Daugavgrīva fortress (it was closed unfortunately) and to Bolderāja. We drove more than 63 km that day :D That's called `I'm ill`, yeah.
Latvian Army had an exhibition there, it was possible to hold some guns and try this helmet :D
Air show
Sea ^^
This was one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. Colors on photo aren't as they were then. Sky & sea was just blue and white (without grey). It looked like a drawing, or a view from a video game. And the feeling of freedom was incredible. I never sing outside my house when I'm alone. But this time I did. I think you can even guess the song :D
Me ^^
Me once again
Tallink ferry to Stockholm & a random ship
Sunset on my way home ^^
 I think I must finally start packing now. So have a nice evening :)

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  1. Meža = metsä? ^^

    You sang Nightwish, right? :D

    And, muffins will rule the world! ^^

    1. I didn't notice that also these words are almost similar in Finnish and Latvian :D

      Of course, I sang Nightwish ^^ Can you guess the song? :)

    2. That's right! ^^ I'm also so predictable :D
      Here is a picture for you for the right guess ^^


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