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Some fun at Kolka ^^

Heeeey! ^^
I can't believe, that I'm at home finally, and I don't have to go anywhere (as it was since 1st of July) *little trips around Latvia & Brainstorm concert don't count now*. I returned from Kolka on 5th of August, and now I'll tell you about it & show photos, of course :)
I went to Kolka to a field practice called `ecology & systemathics of mosses and lichens`. I can't say I'm interested in it, I just love Kolka and field practice too much to stay at home. But it was fun, of course :)
Almost all of us, who were participating in this course. Photo by: Ligita.
Every day we had a lecture, then an excursion somewhere (we had to collect many mosses and lichens then) and laboratory works later. We saw many beautiful places & different plants there (but no animals).
Very beautiful and old tree with moss on it.
And again our group photo (near the old tree). Photo by: Guntis.
Lake Pēterezers. There is a nature path.
Epipactis helleborine, I guess. Sphagnum girgensohnii.
A hornwort :) It's so tiny!
Common stinkhorn. Never saw this mushroom in the wild before, just on pictures :D
In Kolka it doesn't rain often, but when it does, it's a real rain. We had a huge thunderstorm one day (29.07.) and had no electricity, my friends went to the shop and luckily one woman took them back with a car, as somebody even said they saw a tornado again. If you don't know yet, on 13th of July (my Name day) there was a tornado at Kolka, and it wouldn't be a surprise, if it really was there again.
One day we had an excursion, when it started raining heavily again, and, of course, we stole a raincoat from our teacher :D
Zane, me, Anna, Sandra, Evita. Photo by: Ligita.
At the same day, I don't remember why I was laughing so much :D Photo by: Guntis.
Before test about moss. It was fun :D Photo by: Ligita.
And on 4th of August it was Insect Night at Slitere Lighthouse. Field practice ended already, but some of us stayed there to help to organize this night. We went there, cleaned the house, placed all objects there, caught some insects (and other invertebrates) to show people. Of course, we had to see a sunset from the lighthouse :) It was so beautiful.
Went to catch some insects :D Photo by: Evita.
Sunset ^^
Later, when our teachers and other biologists finished showing presentations, photos and talking about different insects, we went to tell people about them. Biologists are organizing this Insect Night just for three years, and I'm in for two years already :) And for me it's interesting to tell people about insects, so I hope I'll go there next year, too :)
Our teacher Kristaps telling everyone about insects. Photo from: http://zemmiza.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/sliteres-kukainu-nakts/#
Me telling something :D Photo from: http://zemmiza.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/sliteres-kukainu-nakts/#
And that's all about Kolka, I guess :) Thanks to my awesome coursemates and
teachers for everything ^^
And have a nice day, my dear readers! ^^

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  1. Atbildes
    1. It really is! You would love to hug it, right? ^^

    2. I just know how much you love hugging old trees ^^
      And I'm crying wasabi tears now (again) :D Parents must hide these peanuts from me :D

    3. At least you'll finish them sooner :D Then you can rest ^^


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