otrdiena, 2012. gada 12. jūnijs


Finally finished reading all blogs I follow and I'll finally write something here :) Almost forgot how it is to have a blog - but now I'm free until 2nd of July, when I have to go to Taurene with my biologists (and then to Kolka until 4th of August). So my summer can begin finally ^^ And no more homeworks and tests *on this photo - my last homework - a `book` for defining plants, I thought I will become crazy with it*
By the way, thanks to Nightwish for inspiration :D
And this is my course work - also one of the craziest things ever that I was trying to write *next year bachelor's work is awaiting me :D*
One day we also had a lecture in a zoo, so I'll show you some photos with cute animals again :)
I guess, Piks and Periskops want a girl giraffe at our zoo :)
Cute kitty :)
Cow's eyes are looking a bit weird, like lightnings :)
My favourite frog :D
And I love polar owls ^^
Cute little baby camel ^^
And a video with hippos, they're so lazy :D
Also we had a lecture at Botanical garden, I didn't have my camera with me, so took some photos with my mobile phone :) If you have a chance - visit Botanical garden in spring, it looks awesome then :)
And last photo - TV tower, I was on my way home from Linda's house (again I went there by my bike - much better than by bus :) Just far a bit).
I hope all of you are enjoying the summer :) See you soon! :)

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  1. Nice that now you can have some rest after so hard-working time)
    So enjoy your summer)
    And I love your photos with animals) especially one with a giraffe) it looks like he wants to kiss))))

    1. Thank you ^^
      These cute giraffes always look like this :) *maybe they really want some giraffe girl in our zoo :D *

  2. The frog! He totally looks like a king! :DD Reminds me Jabba the Hatt from Star Wars.

    When are you coming to Finland? ^^

    1. Just found a picture of Jabba the Hatt, they really look almost the same :D At least they both are so funny :D

      It's so hard to decide now :D When do you have more free time?
      I have a free week in June (25th June - 1st July) and then I must go to Taurene. Then I'm free from 14th of July until 27th of July (at least our plan now says that, I could ask teachers if it is so). We planned to go to Kolka for excursions at 19th and 20th of July, but the dates this year aren't good, as field practice starts at 27th of July, so we must stay there for a week and pay for it, and maybe we won't go. Field practice at Kolka ends at 4th of August, I guess. But in August I must go with my teacher to collect some data for bachelor's work (and I don't know when, as he decides), then I promised to my friends from uni to go with them somewhere, also to my school friends, and my parents have a vacation at the same time, so we'll probably go somewhere together.

      So I think that the best time could be in July (and also it's possible to buy cheaper bus tickets then) :) But you should help me to decide :D

    2. There is a chance my friend from Moscow will come in August, so July seems better for us too ^.^ I think there can be some berries in the forest already in July. Right now strawberries are blooming everywhere. We don't have any big trips planed so you can come anytime ^.^ Did you finish chocolate and antistress tea already? :D

    3. Ok, then I'll come in July :) I'll think about dates and then I'll write you :)

      July is the best time for berries, I think. Last year in Kolka we ate them at the beginning of July already. It was fun to eat blueberries for 8 hours non-stop, when we actually had to measure trees for practice work :D

      I already finished chocolate tea, and there is some anti-stress tea for few cups. So I'll definitely finish it until July :D


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