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Valmiera - Cēsis

Hey! :)
Finally I'm writing a post here again, and today I'll tell you about my little trip from Valmiera to Cēsis (about which I wrote in previous post). And show some photos, of course :)
First of all, we went to Valmiera by train, and spent there few hours. The city is very beautiful, by the way.
Gauja river
Me on a bridge
Beautiful view
Kazu krāces (Goat's rapids). I don't know, why they're called like this, but the view is beautiful again :)
A church.
After some time we stopped to eat. I had a cycling route guide (through North Latvia and South Estonia), where was a description of this route. I thought that there will be a normal road. I was so much wrong :D
At first we saw some cows, but I thought that this road through a meadow will end soon. Well, it ended, but then we had to drive through a forest. With sand and many tree roots. About 40 km between these two cities isn't a big distance for me, but just if there was a normal road :D
Cows ^^
Nice colors :)
After some time we got to Sietiņiezis rock. It's a very beautiful cliff near Gauja river.
That's why it's called `Sieve Rock` - wild bees make holes in it :)
And after some time (about 8 km) we were at Cēsis finally.
Cēsu castle. I saw a bus with tourists from Finland there :)
And that's all for today, I guess. I want to finish reading `Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea` finally :) Started reading it just because I love `The Mysterious Island` (third book of this trilogy) so much, but never read first two (just started and didn't like them). And you know - this book is also awesome :) Just about 50 pages left, and then I'll start reading `In Search of the Castaways`. Hope I'll finish it until field practice in Taurene, which starts at 2nd of July.
Tomorrow I'll maybe write about something else, as I have some other photos to show you :)
Have a nice evening! :)

4 komentāri:

  1. Sieve rock looks awesome ^^ And cows, and the castle! Seems like a nice place to visit, no wonder there were tourists.

    When you saw that bus did you want to hop on it? ^^

    1. In Latvia there are many beautiful places to visit, I wish I could travel around Latvia by a car and see all of them :)

      Of course I did :D But all tourists were older than me, so the driver would notice me :D

    2. Next time you should take a wig and some old clothes with you :D

    3. I must try this with Finnish tourists at Riga, maybe it really works :D


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