ceturtdiena, 2012. gada 28. jūnijs

Jāņi, graduation & some fun :)

Hey! :)
Finally I'm writing here almost at the day I planned to do it :) Now there will be second semi-final of Euro 2012 (Germany vs Italy *and I love to sing national anthems, as I know these two :D*), nice background for writing about everything that happened last week & this week :)
Last Tuesday I went to Roja with my best friend Linda for few days. I haven't been there since 2009, so it was much fun for us to walk around, singing many old and weird songs (from summer-2009) like Alexander Rybak - Fairytale, Skillet - Comatose & Dima Bilan - Believe :D Ahh, memories ^^
And on Friday I went to a graduation at Latvian University, as Bachelors and Masters finished faculty of biology, and I have many friends from 3rd course. Was nice, and later we went to celebrate a bit. And I can't believe that next year I'll also get Bachelor's degree and have a graduation!
Me & Evita (she finished 3rd course) and me with the diploma :D
Sandra & Evita. There are not many photos with me, because I love taking photos of others, and these from graduation are very nice, I think :)
Me, Evita & Sandra.
A poster with our drawings at plant physiology lectures (I think there aren't even all of them) :D Most drawings are by me, Sandra, Zane, Alīna & Edgars. My favourite drawing is the husky ^^
And on 23rd & 24th of July me, Gerda & Evija celebrated Līgo & Jāņi. We went to a cinema town called Cinevilla, as it was the biggest event this year. Well, it would be nice, but it was so windy that we couldn't make a tent, and it was SO cold :D
Me & Gerda waiting for a train (we thought we missed it, as schedule was a bit incorrect). And me at the festival already :)
Collecting some flowers for the wreath :)
The fire :)
Latvian rock band Pērkons (Thunder) playing.
And at the end a song for metal fans :) Some time ago I started to listen to Latvian folk/pagan metal band Skyforger (of course, I heard about them before, but never had time to listen). And you know - it turned out that Latvians can also make some great metal :D
And Italy is now 2:0 ahead of Germany. I couldn't expect this! :D But at least the game is much more interesting than Spain vs Portugal yesterday :)
Bye for now! :) Next post I'll write from Taurene already, I guess :)

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  1. I never heard about Skyforger before, seems nice :) The name made me think of Amorphis of course :D

    1. Of course, Amorphis album :D I didn't link these two together :D
      But there really is something similar between Latvian Skyforger and Amorphis album, because Amorphis used Kalevala as a base for their lyrics, and Skyforger make some metal from Latvian folk songs :)


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