ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 24. janvāris

Sunny winter ^^

Hi everyone! ^^
Today I feel a bit lazy to write another travel-post, so I'll show you some photos of our awesome winter ^^ It's a week already since our weather is really nice and sunny (it's quite a weird thing here in winter). And everything looks like it's covered with diamonds - such a perfect view!
A park near my faculty and a park near Bastion Hill - wooden Christmas tree and Monument of Freedom.
Latvian National Opera (I always want to call it ooppera, as I so much love this Finnish word ^^). I also call our Esplanāde park - Esplanadin puisto, so my friends often get confused, where I am, if I answer like this :D
View through my window, took this photo few minutes ago. Notice the seagulls ^^
I'm just sorry I can't enjoy this awesome weather, as it's Latvian University conference soon, and until tomorrow I have to hand in an abstract of my work in English. I'm even not sure, are my results ok (they're from my bachelor's work, which has to be handed in just in April, so I haven't much time to analyze them) and, of course, I haven't written anything :D But well, the night is long :D
(I just wanted to tease you with these spring photos, not just write a long text without any ^^ They're from May 2008).
Also on Monday I finally went to check my eyes and got contact lenses. So I spend this week trying how to insert them and get them out. I really have no idea, how people can use them, as I feel that my hands are probably not growing from the right place, but from the... you know :D But my this years determination is to change my appearance a bit by doing some things I should have done already at the age of 14-15. Some hard times coming then, but I hope that after few years I'll be happier than ever ^^
P.S. And I've found on the Internet where I can buy Finnish Forsman tea in Riga. Must check!
Have fun, my dear readers, and make your wishes come true! ^^

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  1. It's kinda unbelievable to have sun back again ^^

    Are those seagulls Finnish? They look big enough :D

    Horses! ^.^

    I'd probably never wear lenses, it just seems so icky! I like my glasses *it makes me look intelligent, hehe* But it's great that you're trying the lenses. Good luck with them!

    Aww, if you can buy Forsman suklaatee in Riga, does it mean you won't come to Finland? T_T

    1. These seagulls are not Finnish, I guess, those bigger ones I've seen only in Kolka :)

      A photo with horses is especially for you :)

      Thank you! ^^ For me it also seemed icky :D But after 4 days of trying I think maybe it's not that bad (even though I still feel like an idiot, when I'm sitting for 2 hours in front of the mirror, trying to get them out :D ). I also like my glasses, but they annoy me, when I'm doing some sports or something like that, as sometimes it seems that they will fall off.. And it's hard to do headbanging at metal concerts with them (parents told me that I'm weird, when I added this reason to my `why do I need lenses` list :D ).

      Of course I will come! ^^ I hope you didn't forget that you're also invited to Latvia? ^^

    2. Yes, headbanging! I totally agree. With glasses we have be so... calm and civilized :D

      I remember ^^ It's a matter of money. But at least there is a big chance that we'll go to Tallinn for a couple of days this year. I want to visit the zoo ^^

    3. I also want to visit the zoo in Tallinn ^^ I just never tried to get there, as it's far a bit and I usually didn't have much time. Can I join you in Tallinn if you come (if I will be in Riga then, not somewhere else)? ^^

    4. Of course I would tell you in advance so we could meet ^^ We can arrange an exchange of Finnish and Latvian tea/food, etc. ^^


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