trešdiena, 2012. gada 10. oktobris

Colorful autumn ^^

Hi everyone! :)
I planned to write this post tomorrow, but well, I don't want to sleep yet, so why not to write it now :)
I wanted to show you some photos. After I wrote my last post, I saw at webcam of Port of Riga that the sailing ship Mir (which I was trying to catch in the morning) finally started to swim away. As I wanted to take some photos of it, I took my bike and started a race with the ship to Mangaļsala (it's about 15 km). And I even got there before the ship :D
Me and the ship ^^

On my way back, I saw some swans and fed them with cookies :) By the way - it really hurts when they bite you, but I didn't care, those grey ones were so cute!
And some more autumn photos. Last Sunday I went out with my bike again, and there were so many migratory birds flying. I hear them almost every night - many cranes and geese. Their calls are so sad, they even bring some autumn depression sometimes.
But autumn is so colorful after all! I just love these red and orange leaves. Well, it is cold, but it's my birthday next week, how can I say something bad about my time of year, my October? ^___^

(that was the last time I went outside in October, wearing shorts :D )
And I guess I must say something about my Finnish courses :D Today was 4th lesson, and I love them so much :) Teacher understood that I know numbers (we haven't learned them yet, so she always asks me to read them) and also she always asks me to translate the most difficult sentences (as on first lesson I told that I want to study in Finland and I have friends living there, while others just told that they are a bit interested in this language). And here are two of my homeworks :D
We read a text about Mäkinen family and had to cut people out of magazines and later tell about them :D And a short text about seasons in Latvia. I guess, I will learn not only Finnish, but also how to draw (I can draw only cars and animals, not people) and design different compositions :)
And also I have an idea to attend this concert. Sabaton, Eluveitie & Wisdom will have a great show on 26th of March, and even one of my course-mates already had ticket, so it would be so great to be there, too (because of Eluveitie, but other two bands also play awesome metal) :) But no Finland in October, though :( Once again it turns out that it's impossible to plan anything, if I want to go anywhere with someone (even to some small concert or to a club). Always it's a problem with money, time or anything else at the last moment.
But well, stay positive and have fun :)


  1. You're crazy :D But I would probably do the same :D

    "Mir" makes me think of that space station. Someone likes space too much, lol

    Oletko paras opiskelija ryhmässä? ;)

    1. Also, Eluveitie! They are awesome ^.^

      Too bad you won't come in October T_T

    2. I really am crazy, everyone say that :D And it's not bad to like space so much :)

      I'm also a bit upset about that trip :(

      Minun mielestäni, minä olen paras opiskelija :) Mutta yritän oppia suomen kieli melkein viisi vuotta, voisin tehdä paljon paremmin.

    3. Статья в тему:

    4. Поэтому я и написала, что пытаюсь учить, если бы реально что-то делала, было бы намного лучше)) Статья интересная и хорошо написана, как и все наверно в том блоге :)

    5. Мы такие тут полиглоты на трёх языках комментировать :)) Вот выучим обе немецкий, будем и на нём :D

    6. Ich spreche Deutsch bereits, nicht gut, aber ich kann verstehe was jemand sag. So ich muss warten wann du wirst lernen :D
      Уже почти все слова немецкие забыла, всё время финские в голову лезут :D Хотя так наверно было всегда, когда я учила немецкий. Но радует, что там очень многие слова похожи на английский, вообще считается одним из самых лёгких языков :))

    7. I only know "nicht verstehe", "ich bin kapitulieren" and "ich bin kleine dummkopf" - my half-German brother taught me :D And a few words from Lacrimosa's songs. Pitiful level :D

    8. It's ok, it's not possible to speak all languages :) Last phrase is funny - why he taught you something like that? :D

      Too many languages here, I'm a bit confused now (and funniest thing about this is that we can speak some more) :D

    9. That shows how much he.. loves me :D


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